Top 10 Fun Adventurous Attractions In The US

The United States of America is a vast country and has varied landscapes from huge mountains, canyons, valleys, caves, natural pools and much more. The list of exciting spots to visit in the US are endless and with so many natural wonders around, we do not need a Disneyland for that heart pumping adrenal rush. We will explore the various fun places of adventure and jaw-dropping thrills.

The Top 10 Places Of Adventure In The US Are:

1. The Grand Canyon, Arizona

About 446 km long, the grand canyon is the largest in the world and has been carved by the river Colorado in over 2 billion geographical years. Native Americans still live in the caves and gorges and the array of activities that the grand canyon offers are vast.

Hiking, whitewater river rafting, camping, climbing and even touring the canyon from a helicopter, are some of the exciting activities offered here.

About 5 million tourists visit the place annually and the South Rim being very crowded, some people head for the North Rim for a quieter trek.

The Grand canyon, Arizona

2. Hamilton Pool, Texas

It was formed by the colapse of the earth in this region, exposing a natural pool. There is a waterfall, flowing down the roof edge and the pool is surrounded by limestone walls. Visitors can take a trek around the area and also take a dip in the pool. It is trully a mesmerizing view and this park also has many hiking options.

Hamilton Pool, Texas

3. Yellowstone Park

This park houses pristine lakes, lovely mountain peaks with colorful pools around hot springs, vast plains,meadows and surprising geysers gushing out to the sky.

It is a place of natral beauty in all its might and glory which offers the tourists many activities to persue.

Though around 3 million tourists visit the park every year, chances of colliding into a big crowd is rare due to the vast expanse of the place. Buffaloes, elks, and grizzlies are seen grazing in this park, and the Yellowstone lake and the Mammoth hot springs are the places to spend ample time at.

Yellowstone Park

4. Mount St. Helens, Washington

The volcanic eruption at st. Helens took a lot of lives and caused major destruction., taking away the peak of the mountain. What is left now is a horseshoe crater which offers a spectacular tourist spot . Helicopter tours and the Johnson ridge observatory offers an in-depth knowledge about this mountain in the Washington area.

Mount St. Helens, Washington

5. Ice Caves, Washington

The big four ice caves are located in the Cascade range of Washington in the vicinity of Mount Rainier. A hiking trail is arranged for people to explore these areas of unspoiled natural beauty. Even the caves in the paradise glacier around mount Rainier are equally stunning.

Ice Caves, Washington

6. Kayaking In The Lake Powell

Located between Utah and Arizona, this manmade reservoir is a great spot for kayaking. Around 2 million visitors throng this area and the kayaking experience with exciting twists and turns is memorable experience. A boat or a plane tour offers a ride around the place to explore the scenic beauty. Swimming, snorkelling, water skiing, hiking, and scuba diving are among other activities that can be availed here.

Kayaking in the Lake Powell

7. Yosemite

A quick drive from San Fransisco, the Yosemite park has mountains with unique and amazing rock formations, meadows, waterfalls, and huge sequoia trees.

Hiking, biking, horseriding, are some of the attraction in this park which is visited by 4 million people a year.

Guided tours and climbing lessons are conducted by guides and though the park is spread over 1200 square miles, the major tourist activity is centred around a 7 square mile stretch in the valley.


8. Perrine Bridge, Idaho

This bridge is built over the snake river at the northern edge of the twin falls and is a favorite with base jumpers. It is only 150 m high and though not too high, its a great option for a fun filled adventure jump. This bridge also forms a great sightseeing spot to see the jumpers jumping from the bridge with the kayakers paddling in the river beneath. It is the only man-made structure in the US from where base jumping is allowed.

Perrine Bridge, Idaho

9. Jackson Hole

With the Grand Teton National Park to the north and the national forests surrounding the region, the Jackson hole valley is still relatively less exploited. There are some great ski resorts coming up in this area turning it into a major winter attraction. It is also a haven for mountain lovers with miles of trekking trails and a vast expanse of open areas.

Jackson Hole

10. Lake Tahoe

This lake is extraordinarily beautiful and resides on the California-Nevada border. it is surrounded by steep granite cliffs and mountains on all sides. These towering mountains are amazing skiing and hiking spots, hot air balloon rides, and cruises and gondola rides across the lake can be undertaken. It is a pretty upmarket area which boasts of opulent stay, luxurious shopping and world class casinos.

Lake Tahoe

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