10 Travel Destinations In Calgary

Calgary is a city in Alberta’s Canadian province, situated at the junction of the Elbow and the Bow rivers in the southern part of the province. It is located in an area of prairie and foothills that are around 80 km towards the east of the forefront ranges of Canadian Rockies. Visitors enjoy when Chinook, the warm winter wind blows over the city, as it makes the Rocky Mountains appear like the invincible barricade rising up from the plain. The closeness of the Canadian Rockies and the popular national parks, make Calgary an excellent place for sightseeing, hiking or skiing vacation. For those who are planning for a fun and entertainment vacation, Calgary has a lot to offer.

Here Is The List Of Top 10 Tourist Attractions In The City That Must Be Visited While Traveling To Calgary:

1. The Calgary Stampede

If you are planning to visit the city in summers, then the Calgary Stampede, a ten-day event, is the highlight of the Calgary summers. This is a famous rodeo, well known for cowboy-style entertainment, pancake breakfasts and a lot more. The event includes chuck wagon races, rodeo competitions, agricultural shows and genuine First Nations village.

The Calgary Stampede

2. Calgary Zoo

The Calgary prehistoric park and zoo are situated on the St. George’s Island. The zoo was founded in 1912 that is home to various threatened and rare species of animals, botanical gardens, etc. The spring season is a fun time spent in the zoo because of the arrival of various newborn animals.

Calgary Zoo

3. Canadian Rockies’ Rail Journey

The privately owned and luxuriously appointed Rocky Mountaineer is the rail that runs between Vancouver and Calgary. The path cuts westward o the Canadian Pacific line across the soaring mountain wall of Rocky Mountains. Visitors can enjoy the view of snow-capped Three Sisters at Canmore, provided the weather is good.

Canadian Rockies’ Rail Journey

4. Calgary Heritage Park

The Calgary Heritage Park is a typical village having various reconstructed historical buildings and the lively costumed interpreters that belong to four different periods. Transport facility is provided by an old steam engine in the park. The Gasoline Alley museum provides an interactive, hands-on experience for the visitors with unique vintage vehicles.

Calgary Heritage Park

5. Prince’s Island Park

The Prince’s Island Park is a huge green space situated in downtown Calgary. Eau Claire Market is adjacent to the park which makes visitors make a joint visit to the two tourist attractions. The park has biking and walking areas to offer to the visitors, as well as plays and outdoor concerts during summers.

Prince’s Island Park

6. Calgary Tower

The Calgary Tower has a revolving restaurant and a viewing platform about 191-meter height in one the landmark building of the city. The tower was the tallest in the city until 1984. Today, it does not hold the title but still has excellent views of Calgary and beyond towards the mountains. The visitors love to enjoy the city’s views during dusk or sunset.

Calgary Tower

7. Aero Space Museum

Calgary’s Aero Space Museum focuses mainly on the history of Western Canada and Canadian aviation in particular. The museum was started by the Canadian pilots who fought in the Second World War. It has now grown to exhibit a wide range of simulators, aircraft, radio equipment, aviation art prints and all important information on the Canadian aviation history. Aero Space Museum is set in a large building situated near the Calgary Airport.

Aero Space Museum

8. Military Museums

Visitors can explore the history of Canada’s army, air force, and navy with the collection of these Canadian Forces museums. The exhibits emphasize and give an interactive experience to the visitors whether steering from wheelhouse or walking through the First World War. The museums have housed a variety of military vehicles including various tanks.

Military Museums

9. Devonian Gardens

Devonian Gardens is an unexpected floral paradise on the fourth floor of the Core Shopping Centre. This is an indoor garden covering around one hectare of the space, featuring lovely sculpture, tropical plants, fountains, fish ponds and living wall. There are around 10,000 plants that make up the display in this indoor garden. Despite cold winters of Calgary, they blossom under a glass roof.

Devonian Gardens

10. Fish Creek Provincial Park

Fish Creek Provincial Park is a large green space in the southern part of Calgary, where the walking trails lead along the creek, through the forest areas. This is a natural area and is an excellent choice for people wandering to spend time in the lap of nature. The visitors can also spend some time exploring a number of heritage buildings in the park.

Fish Creek Provincial Park

Try the above mentioned travel destinations in Calgary and make your trip the memorable one. Don’t miss anyone of it!

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