10 Best International Restaurants In Houston

Are you planning a trip to Houston? And you have no idea where you would be spending your eating nights in? Are you going alone or with family? Best and healthy food outside is now a difficult thing to find, but don’t worry, we will make it easier for you. Here are the 10 best international Restaurants in Houston to look out for and never miss if you are planning a trip to the place. Amazing food and amazing service will make you wonder and leave you speechless. If you are with family or alone, this is the perfect list for you:

Here Are 10 Best International Restaurants In Houston

1. Peli Peli

Best service and best food. No one can argue the fact that this restaurant deserves the number one place on this list. There is no place similar to this in the whole town. The food is completely different than any other cuisine which is offered in Houston. The staff is warm and very friendly. The flavours are unique and a must to your list if you are planning an outing with your family. It has a reason why it’s at the top in this list. Make sure you give this a chance before trying another restaurants, a long lasting experience is a given bet.

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Peli Peli

2. The Cheesecake Factory

A place which will satisfy you. If you are a family visiting with other families who have different choices and preferences, there is no better place than this. The portions are huge, but the food is delicious and amazing. Service is friendly and the interiors are beautiful for a lovely little dinner with your loved ones.

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The Cheesecake Factory

3. Backstreet Café

A very stylish and comfortable place with enjoyable outdoor space. The cuisine are always enjoyable excellent. Their brunch is maybe the best brunch you will ever eat.

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Backstreet Café

4. Baba Yega Café

There is nothing like this in the whole of Houston. The ambience, the food and the hospitality, is by far the best you will come across in any restaurant not just in Houston but all over. Not to forget the outdoor seating. This place is a treat in terms of quality and experience both.

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Baba Yega Café

5. Olivette – At The Houstonian

Exceptional meal and excellent atmosphere. A lovely place and lovelier people who serve the best food. This place is heaven, small and beautiful. The best sea food, though the price is a little high compared to other restaurants, but it is bearable for the fact that everything is quite great. Never miss a go at this place if you happen to visit Houston anytime soon.

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Olivette - At The Houstonian

6. Tony’s

This place, though a little low in the list is an absolute must in the Houston. While the restaurant is just quite awesome, the interiors, the food and the ambience of this room is quite commendable. This place is an American cum Italian at its best.

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7. Charivari Restaurant

A traditional restaurant at its best. It welcomes silence and the atmosphere is just as lovely as those of mountain hills. The price is comparatively very cheap compared to all those given in this list and others which will come next. The daily special is a treat to the customers.

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Charivari Restaurant

8. Lorenzo’s

The calm and warm atmosphere of this restaurant is the sign that Lorenzo is not just a restaurant of great and tasty food but the beautiful and amazing atmosphere that it offers to its customers. The menu is quite extensive but the waiter is always ready to help you out. The service is best and helpful in any possible manner. Fresh and healthy food is the utmost priority and this never fails to deliver that.

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9. 51fifteen Restaurant Lounge

I can bet, once you visit this restaurant, you will be forced to wonder one thing, “Why did I never came here before?” This is one such restaurant which will leave you craving for its food and special dishes. The waiters are helpful and get along with you very easily. You can order almost anything, quality and calorie assured, this is one such place where you would want to visit again and again. Pleasant atmosphere and the newly designed interiors makes it attracting.

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51fifteen Restaurant Lounge

10. Kris Bistro & Wine Lounge

Never judge it by its name. It’s not limited but if I was to be precise, this is the hidden gem of Houston. Not many people know about it and those who do, they never leave a chance to say a few kind words about its food, hospitality, atmosphere, interiors and entertainment filled nights with family. Though, the location might be an issue for some, the restaurant never fails to deliver the best service.

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Kris Bistro & Wine Lounge

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