10 Best Family Restaurant In Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the most frequented holiday spots and hence it is not surprising to see thousands of people thronging in the isles of the beautiful island. Every frequent traveler knows for a fact that food is as important as sightseeing in any place of interest. If spending great holiday with family is in your agenda, how can quality food be far behind? Besides, letting restless kids with empty stomach off the hook could be suicidal for your vacation.

Luckily, Hawaii also has several family restaurants that have plenty of delicious foods on offer. Much to the gourmet’s delight, some of the family restaurants are located strategically to give a better view of the beaches as well. From breakfast to dinner, every family restaurant offers quality food with local and even Polynesian flavors. Hawaiian term for family is “ohana”. Here’s10 best restaurants across Hawaii for ohana!

1. Andy’s Sandwiches And Smoothies

The family restaurant has earned the reputation for an ideal family restaurant for breakfast since 1977.

Casual ambience and fresh vegetarian food on offer is what makes it a favorite among vegan tourists.

As the name of the restaurant suggests, they serve freshly cooked in-house sandwiches and lots of fresh fruit smoothies. That said, Andy’s also don’t let the non-vegetarian lot down with their dishes of beef, turkey and chicken. Breakfasts are marked tasty waffles and muffins.

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Andy’s Sandwiches And Smoothies

2. Anna Miller’s

A hot favorite among local families, Anna Miler’s also has a fair amount of tourists with family making a beeline to have a quick bite of their immensely popular breakfast which is available round the clock.

The restaurant has probably got the most varieties of omelets available, each too good to be missed.

Pancakes, waffles, chicken fried steak is also raved by the loyal customers. Leave this restaurant on a sweet note by treating your kids with their fresh fruit pie.

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Anna Miller’s

3. Irifune

If you and your family are into Japanese food and want to have a slice of it in Honolulu, Irifune becomes the best place to get some without any second thoughts. You will get a very relaxed atmosphere due to it homey interiors.

Irifune has been visited by many celebrities and the management boasts about it in the restaurants’ waiting room displaying their pictures.

Reasonably priced food, good atmosphere with earthy feel; Gee you can even surprise your kids with a surprise birthday party for them.


4. Polynesian Cultural Center Lau

Termed best in Lau by many, the center completes the idea of family restaurant because of the fact that it is a no alcohol zone. The food is fantabulous, so is the entertainment acts and dance. With dining capacity of 1200 people at a time, fiesta is not too far!

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Polynesian Cultural Center Lau

5. Helena’s Hawaiian Food

The restaurant is very casual in appeal with not much fancy décor. Yet it is the affordably priced food and friendly that your family will love. Menu has some really funny named dishes. Lau lau pork, Lau squid, Kalua pig!

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Helena’s Hawaiian Food

6. Scratch Kitchen And Bake Shop

Kids will have fun in this restaurant and will keep on eating their signature dish; Milk and cereal pancakes. The restaurant surely knows how to impress their youngest customers with complimentary cookies and toy chests. Another hot favorite dish is cider braised pork pasta.

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Scratch Kitchen And Bake Shop

7. Tiki’s Grill And Bar

Though the restaurant serves alcohol beverages, the lovely view overlooking the ocean makes spending time with your family worthwhile. Not just food, you can also order a platter of fresh fruits. Other foods to try out are Hawaiian Style Garlic Chicken, Island Made Smoked Meat Spoons. In the evening, a band playing quality music sets the tone for a great time.

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Tiki’s Grill And Bar

8. Duke’s Waikiki

The restaurant is amazingly efficient in dealing with customers stepping in with kids and family. Excellent service is simply exemplary and the location of this eatery is perfect. But you might have to wait for your table a little longer than usual in this popular restaurant. Hot picks are Lava flow, Barbecue ribs, Caesar salad and Hula pie.

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Duke’s Waikiki

9. Roy’s Waikiki

Get a taste of Hawaiian and Asian fusion at Roy’s Waikiki. What they serve stays true to the theme. Some extraordinary food and dessert include upside down pineapple cake, Baked Cona Lobster, beach walk trio etc.

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Roy’s Waikiki

10. Ray’s Cafe

All American brunch and breakfast is all your family gets in this restaurant that has consistent track record. Fried chicken, rack of lamb and much more at price that will leave you stunned.

Ray’s Cafe

The family restaurants are such places where you can share beautiful memories with your loved ones. So, try covering the above mentioned family restaurants whenever you visit Hawaii.

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