11 Enchanting Tourist Attractions In Hungary To Explore

Hungary is a popular, enchanting, landlocked nation located in the Central Europe. Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is well-known for its picturesque landscape and exquisite architectural structures. The Danube River bisects this capital city, and you can watch the eye-catching river and city view by going for a boat ride in the river waters. Also, Hungary has rich culture and history that feature Roman, Magyar, Turkish, and Slavic influences. You can discover spectacular remains of Roman fortifications that belong to the Middle Ages. So, let’s have a look at some enchanting tourist destinations in Hungary that you must not miss.

Find Below Eleven Incredible Tourist Attractions In Hungary That You Should Explore

1. Budapest

Budapest is the biggest city in Hungary and its capital. It is well-known as one of the most beautiful destinations in the entire Europe. You can find here the world’s biggest thermal water cave system. Also, Budapest is popular for having the world’s second biggest synagogue. Another top attraction in this city in the Hungary is the Parliament building, which is the third biggest in the world. Watch enchanting views of this exquisite city and Danube from the Fishermen’s Bastion. You can find here the Shoes of the Danube, a poignant memorial dedicated to the Jews who removed their shoes before they were killed in the World War II.


2. Sopron

Sopron is a beautiful Hungarian city located on the border of Austria at the foot of the Alps in the vicinity of the Lake Fertő. Sopron is regarded as one of the oldest gems of the Hungary. The residents of this amazing city are well-known for their loyalty and hospitality so this city is also popular as the ‘Most Loyal Town’, and their loyalty is symbolized by the ‘Gate of Allegiance’ present on the Mian Square. Spend pleasant time in the curative air and natural environment of this city. You can enjoy going for hiking tours, watch stunning natural views, and discover mountain springs.


3. Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton is popular as the biggest freshwater lake in Europe and one of the most popular tourist spots in Hungary.

This lake with 197 km shoreline is also called as the ‘Hungarian Sea’ Visiting Lake Balaton gives you a great opportunity to explore lovely beaches, resort towns, volcanic hills, and hotels present here.

Don’t miss visiting Balaton Uplands National Park and going for hiking following its hiking trails. The north shore of Lake Balaton offers you an opportunity to watch the impressive architecture of Festetics Castle and ancient bathing town of Balatonfured.

Lake Balaton

4. Debrecen

Debrecen is the second biggest Hungarian city and cultural and regional center.

Calvinist College that was established here in 1538 and University of Debrecen make Debrecen an intellectual city.

Don’t miss watching the impressive architecture here. This fascinating city is the abode of the Bela Bartok International Choir competition and popular for its music culture. Also, visit the Deri Museum that exhibit a grand collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts. Make sure you visit the Reformed Great Church, attractive annual Flower Carnival, and the biggest Protestant church when in Hungary.


5. Heviz

Do you wish to enjoy refreshing experience in soaking in the waters of natural hot springs? Visit Heviz, which is the home of one of the biggest thermal lakes on this planet.

Enjoy swimming pleasantly in warm water of 24 to 37 degrees.

The flow of water from the source is very fast such that water changes every three days thereby, keeping the waters of the lake clean. Also, Heviz is widely popular for refreshing spas, and it is also famous as the year round destination. Enjoy swimming in the hot water springs that possess medicinal properties and then head go for hiking in the forests in the vicinity. Also, attend the food festival and entertaining outdoor concert when in Heviz.


6. Aggtelek National Park

Are you in enthusiastic spelunker? If yes, then don’t miss visiting Aggtelek National Park in the northern Hungary. This fabulous park comprises stalactic cave which is the biggest stalactic cave in the Europe. Don’t miss the special cave experience of hearing to the concerts within the Baradla. Watch eye-catching flora and fauna and explore quaint villages situated on its borders.

Aggtelek National Park

7. Pecs

Pecs is well-known for being the home of different ethnic groups that reside peacefully here that makes Pecs listed among the Cities of Peace of UNESCO. Romans, Ottomans, and Christians have ruled the Pecs in the past.

This amazing city is known to be the abode of the first University in Hungary that was established in 1367.

Stunning medieval structures, mild pleasant climate, amazing museums, and delicious food attract lots of tourists to Pecs. Don’t miss historic structures, such as Pecs cathedral, Pecs Synagogue, Szchenyi Ter, and the Mosque of Pasha Gazzi Kassim.


8. Eger

Eger is the second biggest city in the Northern Hungary, and it’s widely popular for its historic buildings, castles, thermal baths, and scrumptious cuisines. Eger was founded in the tenth century by Saint Stephen. Eger is also well-known for its ancient Episcopal cathedral which makes it a prominent religious center today. The king built this cathedral on the Castle Hill and later city expanded around it making the castle and cathedral main destinations of the city. Don’t miss visiting the Torok Kori Minaret, an exquisite Turkish minaret present in Europe. You need to climb 150 steps to reach its top is challenging and quite steep, but it offers enchanting views.


9. Hortobagy National Park

Hortobagy National Park is the first national park and the biggest protected region in Hungary that was founded in 1973. Don’t miss watching beautiful birds here.

This park houses about 342 species of birds.

Also, this park is the biggest semi-natural grassland in entire Europe comprising alkaline steppe, where wild horses used to live during the Ice Age. You can find that water buffalo, cattle, and oxen still graze on this land. Nine-Arch Bridge is another popular attraction here that was created in the middle of 19th century to cross the grasslands during the floods.

Hortobagy National Park

10. Gyor

Gyor, also widely popular as the city of meetings, is situated on one of the prominent roads of the Central Europe and between Vienna and Budapest and an attractive town to explore. It is a colorful attractive town in Hungary. Gyor was ruled by Romans, Czechs, Ottomans, and Magyars. Watch eye-catching statues and old buildings here. Don’t miss watching the church of St. Ignatius of Loyola. Exquisite Benedictine cathedral in Gyor is also popular as the ‘food for the soul’.


11. Buda Hills

Explore Buda Hills that rise about 518 meters on the western outskirts of the Budapest in Hungary.

You can enjoy biking and hiking here. On reaching Buda Hills, you can explore several caves and travel back to the town on amazing Cog-wheel railway. Watch some of the best views of the city by going for the Budapest Chairlift.

Buda Hills

Now that you know these eleven amazing tourist attractions in Hungary, make sure you miss none of these when vacationing in the Hungary.

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