Top 5 spiritual destinations in Europe for your religious tour

Every passing day might appear to be just the same than the next but as these days culminate into one gigantic year when you look back to do the customary review, you cannot help but gasp at the ups and downs and challenges that have changed your outlook as a person. If you were to make an autobiographical calendar­­­­­­ for every year, then you know each of them has a special name only you know.
In that sense for all those who love the idea of connecting with their inner self whilst traveling, a religious and spiritual tour is the best idea. Not only will this tour give you the much needed peace, it will give you the intelligence to introspect and reconsider changes in your lifestyle. You can be a witness of your transition from a tourist to an explorer.

Here Are The Top 5 Spiritual Destinations In Europe For Your Religious Tour :

1) Vatican City, Rome

A wonderful sovereign city­­­­­ state, the Vatican is known for its artistic and soul tapping paintings by famed artists like Michelangelo, apart from its mass gatherings every­­­­­­­­­­­­­ ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Sunday. The St. Peter’s Square and the Basilica are the hall marks of Vatican city. Added to this, a contextual understanding of the history of the Circle of Nero where St. Peter’s is built will make you fall in love with faith even more for this was the same site wherein Christians were martyred in the first century.


2) Lourdes, France

One of the most visited town with a record track of its healing and restorative calmness, this quaint little market place is otherwise a shrine for Virgin Mary. The Lourdes water is revered for its miracles in curing sick patients. A sanctuary with over 22 worshiping places, the Lourdes is also multi lingual and is adept in the tongues of French, English, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and German.


3) Stonehenge, England

Perhaps the only manmade creation whose history is unknown, the tranquil surroundings of this ancient wonder teems with bubbles of spiritual hope and this is why people from all over the world come right here to witness the sunrise of the shortest day in the year. Sometimes its not the rites and rituals which awaken you but the mere wonder of an existence that can awaken your inner self. The Stonehenge is that very type of spiritual experience any faith tourist must not forgo.


4) Einsiedeln, Switzerland

The Shrine of our Lady of Einsiedeln is one of the hallmark of the ultimate spiritual experience. Revere the Black Madonna, bow down before the high ceilings, be an admirer of the pastel interiors  and soak your ears to the sacred music reverberating from the walls of the Benedictine monastery.


5) Luther Country, Germany

If you are not a fan of instant spiritual connections but instead would want to savour the whole process of it and would want to identify with a role model, then Martin Luther’s struggles and the Luther Country in Germany is your next traveling checklist. Visit Wittenberg which is the cradle of reformation and the university that had produced a cultural genius like Martin Luther. Also the cobbled streets of the Luther Country houses memorials of Jewish Holocaust victims where you can pay homage. Visit the various Protestant churches in the Luther Country and connect with the ideals and visionary of the Martin Luther.


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