6 Best Gardens To See In Vienna

Vienna is a beautiful city and a capital of Austria. It has famous tourist spots with modern architecture, cozy wine taverns and imperial sights. A large number of cultural events are organized in the city. People also like to spend time at coffee shops. There are Baroque buildings, palaces, monuments, zoos and places with cultural importance. The gardens of Vienna are famous among the visitors for breathtaking beauty and excellence. You must see the gardens in Vienna if you visit Austria. We will tell you about some gardens of the city.

Following Are The 6 Best Gardens To See In Vienna:

1. Schonbrunner Gardens:

Schonbrunner Gardens is situated near the famous Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna. The lawn is beautiful and a train tour is organized here. From the train, you can see some well-known spots like Gloriette viewpoint and the Schonbrunn zoo. The garden is a world heritage site spread over a huge area. There are ornamental monuments, zoo, and fountains in the garden. The Baroque style landscape has mazes and pools. It is a lavish area with palm house and botanical garden. The flowerbeds are arranged in symmetry with embroidery style colored stones.

Schonbrunner Gardens

2. Burggarten:

Burggarten is a famous garden of Vienna that is open for visitors the whole year. You need to enter the garden from Ringstrasse as well as Hofburg. It is also possible to enter the area from the opera. The palm house of this garden is famous for its atmosphere. People like to drink coffee and enjoy food at the terrace. Built in 1818, the garden was privately owned by the emperor in the olden times. The butterfly house, Palmenhaus cafe, and orangery are some famous spots of the garden. Opera Ball is organized in this area.


3. Augarten Garden:

Augarten Garden situated in Vienna is a public park. It is a very old garden made with a French Baroque style. You can visit the garden only in the daytime as it closes at sunset. It has very beautiful flower garden as well as shady trees like maple and chestnut. It is a fenced area with many facilities. Among the famous spots of the garden are Vienna Boy’s Choir, Porcelain factory, Austrian gallery and retirement home. There are attractions for the kids like the padding pool. The garden has Jewish academic campus and towers with anti-aircraft bunkers.

 Augarten Garden

4. Lainzer Tiergarten:

Lainzer Tiergarten situated in Southwest Vienna with a cover of woodland was made in 1561 for hunting purpose. It was turned into a public garden in 1919. The Garden is a zoo and animal garden with wildlife like fallow deer, elks, wild boar and other animals as its attractions. Water fountain, horse carriage rides, parks, restaurants and an observation tower are the main attractions of this park.

Lainzer Tiergarten

5. Kurpark Oberlaa Garden:

Kurpark Oberlaa Garden or park is situated near the Laaer Mountain in Vienna. Monument protection is done in the garden for horticulture and path systems. Multiple recreations sites in the garden attract tourists and visitors to the place. It includes famous spots like the allergy garden, Baroque fountain garden, flower labyrinth, film city, Japanese garden, the Skateland, playground, Liebesgarten, Staudengarten and a petting zoo.

Kurpark Oberlaa Garden

6. Privy Garden:

Made in 1745/50, the Meidling Privy Garden is another famous garden in Vienna. It includes two gardens in a single area. The first one is the Crown Prince Garden towards the palace East side. It has flower beds and citrus trees. The second one is the Garden On The Cellar located on top of cellars. It has a horseshoe design pergola with trelliswork. The trellis was transformed into an Iron structure with creepers. There is an octagonal pool with intricate pattern, sands, and plants.

Privy Garden

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