Top 6 Scenic Lake Cruises in Switzerland

Switzerland makes an appearance in the bucket list of every traveler. This beautiful country is truly the heaven on earth. It doesn’t only boast of having some of the cities with the highest quality of living in the world, it also has the most magnificent mountains and lakes one can ever see.  Switzerland, a country covering only 0.4% of Europe’s land, has an astounding 7000 lakes, making up 6% of the continent’s fresh water reserves. These tranquil lakes with crystal clear water and majestic Alps in the background are absolutely marvelous. Although most of these lakes are situated in the midst of mountains and can be reached only by hiking, some of the largest lakes are easily accessible for travelers of any age and physical fitness. These large lakes are not only present near a major city or town; they also present a chance to have a scenic cruise during the day. These cruises offer a wide range of service, from one way journey across the lake to round trip journeys with culinary delicacies served on board.

Here Is The List Of 6 Best Scenic Lake Cruises In Switzerland:

1. Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne is possibly THE most beautiful lake in Switzerland. The picturesque city of Lucerne is situated on the bank of this lake. The boat docks are just outside the Lucerne railway station. On a clear day the lake is surrounded by range of snow peaks. There are different cruises operating throughout the day, around the year. The cruises can be as short as 45 minutes to as long as half a day. Each turn in Lake Lucerne opens up new vistas of scenery. The cruise ships themselves are amazing, with multiple levels, open decks and restaurants on board. Larger vessels even provide internet connection. For the lovers of culture some cruises serve special delicacies including venison, some host shows of jazz bands. And for all the romantic couples in Lucerne, the candle light dinner cruise is a must.

Lake Lucerne

2. Lake Brienz

If there is one lake cruise in Switzerland that’s perfect even on a rainy day, it’s the cruise on Lake Brienz. The vessels move between the lovely town of Brienz and the beautiful Interlaken, with multiple stops in between. The cruises have two levels with a small restaurant on the upper deck. On a sunny day, there are snow peaks visible from the cruise and on a cloudy day the greenery and towns on the bank are sufficient value for money. The bonus is the Giessbach falls that can be seen tumbling down into Lake Brienz from the decks of the vessel. From June to August, evening cruises are available which serve special barbecue dinner.

Lake Brienz

3. Lake Thun

Lake Thun is a 17.5 km long lake spanning from Interlaken in the east to Thun in the west. Stunning views of Bernese Alps, five medieval castles and host of cozy villages on the shore make this lake a scene straight out of the pages of a fairy-tale. Cruise service run from early morning to late in the evening. The start and end points are right outside Thun railway station and Interlaken West railway station. The entire length of the lake takes 2.5 hours in cruise travelling non-stop. Although the better idea is to hop on and hop off at different stops to visit the castles and nice little towns on the shore. The most famous castle, Schloss Oberhofen is a Swiss heritage site built in 13th century. The large garden, the neo-gothic structures and the well maintained museum give a perfect opportunity to experience the era of the knights in the lap of Alps. The castles in Spiez, Hunegg, Thun and Schadau also give fantastic opportunities to walk into the life of medieval aristocracy.

Lake Thun

4. Lake Geneva

The largest lake in Switzerland, Lake Geneva is shared between Switzerland and France. At the southern tip of the lake is the city it’s named after, Geneva. Being the European headquarters of UNO and a global hub of banking, Geneva is one of the most bustling cities in Switzerland. On the northern shore of Lake Geneva are other Swiss cities like Lausanne and Montreux. Sightseeing cruises, as well as dinner and lunch cruises are frequently available from all the major cities by the shore of Lake Geneva. Cruising across the Lake, between any two ports is beautiful with the view of towering Mont Blanc ranges and expansive vine yards. A boat ride from Montreux to Chillon castle is a perfect option for a day trip along with a visit to the castle itself.

Lake Geneva

5. Lake Lugano

Lake Lugano is situated on the border of southern Switzerland and northern Italy, between Lake Como and Lake Maggiore. Cruising in Lake Lugano gives a completely different perspective than from land on this Italian speaking city that it’s named after. Cruises run all through the day, each time of the day offering something new and exciting. Midday cruise offers lunch on board and the evening cruises have the complete array of food, drink and dance arranged. The boats take the tourists to different museums, Swiss miniature, Monte Serpiano and other notable places. One can also travel to the Italian town of Porlezza to have a coffee and shopping stopover.

Lake Lugano

6. Lake Zurich

The lake named after one of the most expensive cities in the world offers so many different cruises that a traveler will be spoilt of choices. The cruises can be short to long, scenic to fun, relaxing to exciting, it can be anything and everything one might ask for. The cruise can be of a specialty cuisine, it can offer an evening of music and dance, it can give a view to a fascinating sunset, and it can even give a chance to role play as a detective in a murder mystery on board. Another popular choice for travelers is to take a boat ride from Zurich to Rapperswil to have a great view of the busy cities.

Lake Zurich

So these are the best scenic cruises in the beautiful land of the Swiss. The cruises are easy to do, without any need for hiking or going to high altitudes. These are not even too harsh on budget. Next time you plan to visit Switzerland, don’t forget to have a few cruising experiences during your stay.

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