Top 10 Places To Visit In Nicaragua

Nicaragua is the major country in the Central America. The warm tropical climate and vigorous Volcanoes made this country a gradually popular tourist destination. Tourism is the largest industry in this country. Every year, approximately sixty thousand US citizens visit this country for tourism, business or visiting relatives. The major tourists are from US, North and Central America and Europe. The most popular destinations in this country are El Ostional, El Castillo, San Juan Del Sur, Rio San Suan, Ometepe, Mombacho Volcano, and the corn islands.

We Have Made A List Of 10 Places That You Can Select To Visit In The Nicaragua:

1. Granada

It is the place of architecture. This place was the first Spanish establishment in the country, many churches and buildings are made in Spanish style. These all are preserved with care. When you are looking the architecture of the Spanish colonial, you can also go for the kayaking trip to the nearby islands, relish hiking trips to the Mombacho Volcano. You can also enjoy shopping in Masaya. When you are wandering in the city make sure to have its best food like, ‘Vigoron’, local dish made with pork and cabbage.


2. San Juan del Sur

San Juan del Sur is the best beach destination in the country. You will experience the wonderful beaches with warm water. People mainly visit this place for surfing. You can rent a board per day at nine USD and 25 USD for hour training. Here you will find the world’s second largest statue of Jesus Christ. You can enjoy the beach with cheap bars. This is the ideal party place in the country.


3. Ometepe Island

This island is formed in two joined volcanoes, Maderas and Concepcion. It is situated on Lago de Nicaragua. The main attractions are hiking the volcanoes, kayaking, cycling, and spotting monkeys and excellent food. The volcano hike is tough but you can try it with proper guidance so don’t worry if you are planning for hiking for the first time.


4. New Leon

This city is called the intellectual capital of the country and it has the National University. It was the capital of the country until 1857. You can find its history through the graffiti and paintings around the city. You can find churches, museums which will take you to the history of this country and civilisation. You should visit the Museum of the Revolution for observing the Sandinista movement. This city is the base area for volcano trip.


5. Old Leon

You can reach this place in a short trip from Leon. It is the Leon Viejo which had ruined in the 16th century. This site is included in the UNESCO World Heritage. This place is the sign of the oldest Spanish establishments in the America. You can find the history of this place.


6. Cerro Negro

This one is the young and active volcano in Nicaragua. Tourists love to board down from the mountain slopes with organised mountain tours. You can hike on the mountain, sit on the top and then come down through the slopes. This is the reason why tourists prefer to visit Leon. There are two tours in the morning and in the afternoon.


7. Corn Island

This island is the marvellous place for spending a relaxing vacation. Tourists come here for scuba diving, fishing, snorkel, and sunbath and relax. It is situated on the Caribbean coast of the Nicaragua. There are two islands one is Little Corn and another one is Big Corn. You can travel Little Corn to the Big Corn with a boat. Big Corn has large resorts, restaurants and it is expensive, whether Little Corn is quiet, has small resorts which are cheap.


8. Miraflores

This national park is located in Northern Nicaragua. It is the most beautiful place in the country. It has clouded forest, small farms, waterfalls and rivers. You can do daylong or many days trekking and you can also learn to farm here. You will feelthat as if you have the whole forest. The interesting part is your trekking money will go to the community and farmers for helping them.


9. Apoyo Lagoon

Apoyo Lagoon is the quietest place to relax. It is near Managua the Capital of the Nicaragua. This lake is beautiful and surrounded by forests and volcanoes. The main attractions of the lake are dark sand beaches, swimming, kayaking, scuba diving, paragliding, boating and bird watching. Here you can find pumice stone everywhere.


10. Masaya Volcano

This is the first and the largest national park in the country. It has two volcanoes and five craters. It is above the sea level of 100 to 630 m. You can experience an underground tunnel made by lava flow. Here in these tunnels you can find the bats. You can also find glowing active lava in the dark crater mouth of the volcanoes. This experience will be your lifetime experience.


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