7 Luxury Hotels In Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a Central American nation placed in between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean and boasts of volcanoes, beaches and lakes along with everything natural. Granada is known for its Spanish colonial architectural sighs and the navigable islets in there boasts bird life to the fullest. The iconic Momotombo volcano and the huge lake of Managua is situated in the capital city of Managua in here and all this makes tourists rush into the locale all through the year!

Here Are The 7 Luxury Hotels In Nicaragua :

1. La Mariposa Spanish School & Eco Hotel

You must be wondering what this actually is, a hotel or a school that we are talking about; we rest your concerns at peace when we say that it is a conglomeration of both where this place boasts of a great leaning space for Spanish as well as has a splendid eco hotel campus where all the rooms speak of nature in its own respect. Great staff and ambience sets this one apart from all else around.


2. The Tribal Hotel

A spectacular boutique hotel nestled into the terrains of the colonial city of Grenada in Nicaragua is the Tribal Hotel where its owner Yvan is a man with taste and makes it a point to greet every guest in this heavenly abode. Great rooms, stylish decor, friendly staff and good food, what more do you need?


3. Los Patios Hotel

A Danish structured hotel in Grenada in Nicaragua, the Los patios Hotel is everything that you can wish for while in this region. With great views of the volcanic range to a great food, lovely and impeccably styled rooms and extremely pleasant staff, you are sure going to miss this back home post your stay!


4. Hotel Plaza Colon

Another great stay option hotel in the heart of Grenada is the Hotel Plaza Colon which surpasses usual tourist expectations in the way their guests are given attention and served for. Great service and great rooms, pools and internal décor it is a must try at least once.


5. Mukul Beach Golf & Spa

A bit onto the expensive side this one, however totally worth the pennies spent is something that goes without saying, the Mukul Beach Golf and Spa is another great resort in Nicaragua which gives one the luxury of private pools, lounge areas, luxurious rooms with a grand ocean facing view! The word great is just an undertone where this one is great in food, guest service and everything else.


6. Hotel con Corazon

A lovely small hotel nestled pretty close to the heart of central Grenada is the Hotel con Corazon which is just about a short distance from the main city. Grand staff, lovely services and to top it all, a hotel which brings with it great social responsibility, this one is for you! When I say social responsibility I mean that this hotel goes out to help the underprivileged kids in the locale to get them up in their lives, great ain’t it?


7. Hotel Patio del Malinche

Just at a stone’s throw from the city’s main attractions the Hotel Patio del Malinche is another great stay option which speaks aloud of its perfect customer service, spacious and luxury rooms and many more. Stay to experience the prefect bliss and tranquillity this place has to offer, doubled with great food and extra benefits!


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