Top 8 Luxury Hotels In The Caribbean

Hotels In The Caribbean

Caribbean is full of water. If you find it hot, it has beaches to please you and the crystal clear sea in front. I am sure that beach lovers and people who want to explore more definitely want to visit here once in life. However, when you actually be here, what exactly you will search for first? Well, it is a place to stay. Although you would never fall loose of hotels and resorts at Caribbean but come on, you are in Caribbean, don’t you want the best of it? Yes, I am talking about the magnificent hotels that are full of luxury and grant a gorgeous view to the eyes. Do read more about 5 such luxury hotels of the stunning Caribbean.

Top 8 Luxury Hotels In The Caribbean:

1. The Cliff Hotel

The first thing that will catch your eyes is the superb ambience, amazing location, beautiful surrounding and the mesmerizing interior. These things will make you choose it without any second thought. The hotel embodies the warm Jamaican hospitality, carefree lifestyle and elegance. Also this is the ultimate escape from a boring life. There are 33 suites and 2 stylish one bedroom cottages, one five bedroom cottage and one magnificent four bedroom cottage. All of these cottages and the suites have the direct view of the ocean. The early morning starting with the fresh breeze and excellent view is something that no one should miss.

Visit The Cliff Hotel

The Cliff Hotel

2. Calabash Luxury Boutique Hotel And Spa

This beautiful and elegant hotels is located in the Lance Aux Epines, Grenada. If you are a luxury freak then this is the right hotel for you. What makes it so is the luxury and the five star service within the cherished and the relaxed environment which will make the ultimate Caribbean escape for anyone. There are given various amenities as well which include internet, pool, suites, beachfront, bar/lounge, room service, free high speed internet and the fitness center with Gym and workout room. If you are still not convinced, you should go through the reviews of people who have already been here. You will be surprised to see that maximum want to visit here again. After all who would like to miss the ultimate Caribbean experience?

Visit Calabash Luxury Boutique Hotel And Spa

Calabash Luxury Boutique Hotel And Spa

3. Eden Rock – St Barts

With every trace of luxury, this hotel is located at St. Jean, St Barthelemy. The first thing that is noticeable about this hotel is its location beside the stunning turquoise Bay. There live maximum English speaking people in this part so you would not find any problem regarding the language. You will enjoy the warm tropical sunshine at the luxury beach house, and superb suites that are all attached to the rock or also bordering the sand. This is fabulous hotel with luxury beyond imagination. This is the first-class “the sand bar” and “on the rock” restaurants which are both run by the famous master chef, Jean Georges Vongerichten. So having meal at a luxury hotel in a beautiful location in warm sunshine is like the picture-perfect thing that we would ever want.

Visit Eden Rock – St Barts

Eden Rock – St Barts

4. Spice Island Beach Resort, Grand Anse, Grenada

This one is another very famous resort of Grenada. If, someone is to describe this hotel then it can be described as the Paradise Re-imagined. Having 64 suites, this resort is the best recreational place bathing in elegance and located at the breath-taking Grand Anse Beach. The beach is composed of the white sand and there are 32 suites that share the wonderful view of the beach. These suites features private rock gardens. Breezy exterior terrace and living rooms. The architecture is great, the rooms are wonderful, the furnishing is exquisite and all these things make the resort exclusive. For its service, architecture and view, it has even won award. The hotel is definitely unmatched in elegance. For beach lovers, who besides enjoying the walk at the beach want to have the view in their eyes may choose the beachfront suites and believe me there are options available even in such suites.

Visit Spice Island Beach Resort, Grand Anse, Grenada

Spice Island Beach Resort, Grand Anse, Grenada

5. Caribbean Club

The Caribbean club is another very famous hotel in seven mile beach, Grand Cayman with 1 to 3 bedroom villas and having suites that are located in the heart of the seven mile beach, one of the most exotic beach. Every suite of this beach has a large living room having full of gourmet furnished kitchens and beautiful balcony with gran view outside. The oceanfront villas are built directly on top of the white sand of the beach and offers breathtaking views. Lunch dinner and any kind of beach service is served by Luca which is an onsite restaurant. Be it any need, the hotel caters for you.

Visit Caribbean Club

Caribbean Club

6. Hermitage Bay

The beautiful hotel is located at the Saint Mary’s Antigua. If you want piece and want to run away from the crowd then this is the hotel you should go for. It has only 27 cottages made to keep the hotel remote and focusing on the utmost care and the service. You are going to love the sense of belonging and the familiarity right from the moment you enter here. The hotel is quite eco-friend, and always matches the services and the comfort of a five star hotel. An extensive beach in front and perfect surrounding is going to make you stay here for long.

Visit Hermitage Bay

Hermitage Bay

7. Tortuga Bay Hotel Puntacana Resort And Club

If you are looking for luxury then this one is your search. The only AAA fie diamond awarded property of the luxury hotels at Dominican Republic, this hotel offers luxury, impeccable service and villas with the interior so beautifully designed that you will be mesmerized. The moment you land in this hotel, you will be offered excellent services, treated like you are the first guest and take care of in every possible way. Besides, there is the beautiful view and gorgeously decorated rooms with exquisite designs. You are going to be awestruck here.

Visit Tortuga Bay Hotel Puntacana Resort And Club

Tortuga Bay Hotel Puntacana Resort And Club

8. Capella Marigot Bay Resort And Marina

The first sight is this hotel will leave you mesmerized. A destination lush in luxury, culture, cuisine and traditions with 124 guest rooms and many suites is something you might be looking for. There are other services as well like fitness center, relaxing spa, three restaurants, outdoor pools, three bars and eco-friendly products. For mega yatch, this is a breath-taking place.

Visit Capella Marigot Bay Resort And Marina

Capella Marigot Bay Resort And Marina

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