10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In The Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is famous for its natural treasure like lakes, landscapes, mountains beaches etc. Also the country has a beautiful history and culture. Here are some places where you can visit in Dominican Republic to have a glance of the historic and cultural diversity of the country.

Here Are 10 Tourist Attractions In The Dominican Republic:

1. Santo Domingo

This is the most ancient and traditional city in the Dominican Republic. This place has many tourist attractions where you can visit and have a glimpse of the tradition and culture of Dominican Republic. The sites and monuments here are listed as the world heritage site by UNESCO. The cathedras, royal houses, forts and palaces are the most amazing places you can visit you can also get to learn about the great Christopher Columbus and the culture of the place in the museums of Dominican Republic. If you are a history lover, this place would make you go crazy for all the day long.

Santo Domingo

2. Eastern National Park

This is also one of the world heritage sites which will grab you for hours. The history and tradition of the place is depicted by the guides and the monuments. The national park has numerous spices of animals which are rare. Not only animals, the national park has the spices of birds and plants too. Saona Island is the most nearby place where people relax in the sandy beaches having sunbath.

Eastern National Park

3. Punta Cana

This place is located on the east Dominican Republic. This is a widely visited place by the tourists due to the amazing resorts on the seashore and the scenic beauty of the place. This town has a chain of beaches and landscapes that will steal your heart away. Water surfing and river crafting are the famous water adventure sports available. The transportation facilities are very simple and reachable.

Punta Cana

4. Playa Dorado

This beautiful beach is a landmark of the Dominican Republic. It is also considered as the widely crowded and popular beach among the youth and honeymoon couples. There are number of resorts and hotels which are exclusively designed for couples and have special facilities for them. The place is full of resorts, shopping markets, bars and restaurants for the convenience and facilities of the visitors.

Playa Dorado

5. Jarabacoa

This spot is yet not much famous among the outsiders and is developing yet. The features that make this place so desirable are the location where it is built. The surroundings of this place are so beautiful and mesmerizing filed with landscapes and water bodies. You can also find huge waterfalls and amazing forest area a complete eye pleasing view. The large trees and mountains enhance the beauty of this place so well. This place also has mountain hiking, tracking and camp facilities which make it a beautiful picnic place.


6. Samana Peninsula And Samana Bay

The samana peninsula and bay are quite famous among the localities due to the cultural and natural diversity. There are national parks where you can witness immensely beautiful and rare spices of the country. The whale watching is also an amazing and eye catchy view of the place. Going in a cruise witnessing the dolphins and whales jumping in the bay is an experience that can never be forgotten. The chain of beautiful palm and olive trees makes the place more beautiful.

Samana Peninsula and Samana Bay

7. La Romana

La Romana consumes huge7000 acres of space which is blessed and enriched with amazing large hills. The place is known as a hill station where camps are arranged for picnics. You can find the glimpse of tradition of the Dominican Republic where the villagers would welcome you in a beautiful traditional way. The place is also best for shopping you can find various trendy outfits, accessories and show pieces for your home and interior. This is such a fun place to visit in Dominican Republic.

La Romana

8. El Conde Street

If you are crazy for street shopping then this lace will make you go crazy. This is a traditional street which is a huge market place for outfits, accessories, interior decoration items, musical instruments etc. The place also consists of caves where you can visit if you like different kind f music styles and dances. This is a fun place where you can get all the shopping, food and music together.

El Conde Street

9. Lago Enriquillo

The main attraction of this place is the beautiful lake. This place if named after the great Enriquillo. There is chain of mountains which surrounds the lake beautifully enhancing the overall view of the place. You can find flamingos and different international birds enjoying in the water and having fun. There are also several caves which will give you a view of the natural beauty. This place is must visit if you like natural beauty.

Lago Enriquillo

10. Bahia de Las Aguilas And Jaragua National Park

This place is full of national parks and lakes. The Caribbean is famous for the animals and the diversity in the spices. This place has the best weather and climatic conditions for various animal spices and thus has lot of national parks. You can spend your day visiting these national parks and getting a glimpse of the animals roaming around proudly.

Bahia de Las Aguilas And Jaragua National Park

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