10 Things To Do In Montserrat (UK)

Montserrat, an island and overseas territory of the United Kingdom is an island in the Caribbean. If not many have heard about this awe struck place, then you have surely missed out on something special. Since this place is not so populated and filled with incidents that makes the country under the limelight, you definely need to plan on trip out to cover this island and it can be done in a few days, but assuring you of not wanting to go back pretty soon. The people here are very friendly and so are the landscapes and surroundings. Also known as the ‘Emerald Isle’, the island is home to various volcanos making some of the islands prohibited for humans. It is very famous for its beaches but there are other things to visit and do at the same time that can be very astonishing and they are discussed below as the following:

1. Soufriere Hills Volcano

This volcano erupted in 1995 destroying major parts of the surroundings including the capital- Plymouth. Although the volcano cannot be visited by public, the visitors can still observe the scenic beauty of the volcano and the path of destruction. A trip to Montserrat Volcano Observatory is a good option to see the volcano through various prisms.


2. Rendezvous Bay

The only stretch of blonde sand, the Rendezvous Bay is one peaceful area under the cliffs. The Bay is favored for swimming, snorkeling and diving. The best way to get here is by a boat or else hiking can give you the scenic beauty but for that you will have to walk through hiking trails that can tire you out within minutes, thus never forget to bring enough water to keep you going.


3. Montserrat Hiking Trails

The landscapes and its various numbers can proide a lot of hiking trails and Montserrat is very famous for the same. The Blackwood Allen Trail is one of the most difficult hikes offering great views of the island. The Oriole Walkway can give you the best view if you want to observe lush green rainforests.


4. Sant Jeroni

SantJeroni is the highest point in Montserrat. The large forest area inhibiting various species of flora and fauna is great for hiking through the trails and even though the high rocks are not sharp enough for adventure, rock climbing in various parts is conducted here. You can even enjoy a night stay here with camping and hotel accommodations available here.


5. Centre Hills

Consisting of Rainforests, this is renowned for rich habitat and biological diversity. Most of the bird’s species and large number of migratory birds can be seen here. The endangered species of Montserrat Oriole (the national bird) can be seen here as well along with cuckoo and Bridled Quail Dove, altogether offering you a birdwatching heaven.


6. Montserrat Culture Center

The Montserrat Culture Center is a multipurpose performing art center which is both and founded by ex-Beatles producer Sir George Martin. Weddings, conferences and culture events, all can be executed here with a capacity of over 500 people. The walls of this hall contain some famous names such as Elton John and Paul McCartney who have come here and produced music at the same venue.


7. Woodlands Bay

The waters at this bay are pretty rough as compared with Rendezvous Bay and thus swimming can be a dangerous activity. Nevertheless, surfing is an alternative to keep you busy but mostly the visitors come here for a chill and relaxing session.


8. Little Bay Beach

By its name which shows the little area covered by this beach and one of the most popular crescents of sand on the island, the Little Bay Beach is situated on the western side of Montserrat. The beach is a quiet place often used for relaxing while the boats bob around in the water peacefully. Swimming is an abundant activity done here and the bars and bistros can offer great variety of sea food.


9. Montserrat National Trust

The trust is a way through which the visitors can see the local way of life and other exhibits showing the history and rich culture that Montserrat boasts. A walk through the Botanical garden and exotic indigenous flora and fauna are a treat to the eyes. Try to get your loved ones a gift from the souvenir shop situated within the complex.


10. Montserrat Monastery

Montserrat is filled with monasteries and the Santa Maria de Montserrat is the most visited one. The statue of Black Madonna, patron saint of Catalonia is the major attraction here. The evening comprises of choir singing the melodious hymns that are only bound to make you feel awe and feel blissful.