5 Superb Beaches in Anguilla

5-superb-beaches-in-anguilla-1Anguilla is saturated with the brilliant colors of the sun, the sand and the sea. This jewel of an island, which is hidden away in the northern Caribbean, is the perfect mélange of high style and low key elegance. Tourists flock to this island paradise to enjoy the numerous adrenaline inducing water sports. There are more beaches on this tiny island per square kilometer than anywhere else on earth. The beaches of this Caribbean island are spectacular in their untamed beauty and solitude. To discover some of the best beaches in this tropical island read on.

Here Are The 5 Superb Beaches In Anguilla:

1. The Popular, Shoal Bay East Beach

Shoal Bay East Beach is by far the most popular beach on the Caribbean island of Anguilla. This almost 2 mile long beach is covered with powdery white sands. The beach is a big hit with locals, day trippers and tourists. However, despite its massive popularity, the beach is rarely, if ever overcrowded. This beach is ideal for sunbathing. The warm, clear waters of Shoal Bay East are perfect for swimming and snorkeling. After an exhilarating swim, tourists can head to the numerous small bars and restaurants which are scattered around the periphery of this beach to grab a quick bite.


2. The Exciting, Rendezvous Bay Beach

The Rendezvous Bay Beach is one of the most spectacular beaches on this Caribbean island. This crescent shaped beach is amongst the big beaches of Anguilla. On one side of the beach there are numerous trendy resorts while the other side wears an almost deserted look. The crunchy, white sand of Rendezvous Bay Beach is ideal for a spot of sunbathing or to enjoy a long walk. After lazing around on the beach visitors, can head to Bankie Banx’s beach bar to enjoy a chilled drink.


3. The Pristine, Long Bay Beach

Long Bay Beach beckons tourists to walk on its perfect, powdery white sands and swim in the azure blue waters which lap its shores. The beach is bordered by numerous cliffs. The swaying palm trees which dot this beach further adds to its overall charm. This beach like so many others on Anguilla is ideal for swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing. Visitors can also enjoy a breathtakingly beautiful sunset from Long Bay Beach.


4. The Bustling, Meads Bay Beach

Meads Bay Beach is extremely popular with locals and tourists alike. This charming beach is located on the west end of the island. The powdery white sands of the beach are ideal for sunbathing. Tourists can stay at the numerous high end luxury resorts which dot Meads Bay Beach. After a fun day at the beach guests can head to renowned restaurants like Coco Plum and Blanchard’s to enjoy a hearty meal.


5. The Peaceful, Cove Bay Beach

Cove Bay Beach is yet another popular tourist beach which is located on the West End of the island. This peaceful beach is ideal for sunbathing and swimming. The clear water around the beach is ideal for snorkeling. Visitors can also enjoy jaw dropping views of St. Martin from this beach.


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