9 Majestic Mountain Hotels In Switzerland

Majestic Mountain Hotels In Switzerland

Mountain hotels have an unique serenity in them. They are away from the fast and forward city life. Amidst the majestic natural beauty and some picturesque landscape they can still give you all the modern amenities. Although the altitude prohibits the hotels to give you a seven star luxury treatments but it can still give you memories worth make you visit it again. Switzerland has a breathtaking alpine landscape hence the mountain hotels here are worth your stay.

Have A Look At Some Splendid Mountain Hotels In Switzerland:

1 Carlton Hotel -St Moritz

Located at an altitude of 1856 m high, Carlton at St Moritz is a true alpine delight. It has 60 suites, an In-house Ski shop Boutique and also a ski school of its own for the guests, indoor and outdoor pool, In-house spa and gym and also sauna and steam baths to offer. The hotel has panoramic views to offer, all the basic luxury amenities and a grand escape from your every day life. The winter is the best time to visit here if you are looking for some amazing sight seeing.

Carlton Hotel -St Moritz

2 Hotel Victoria- Glion

Located at 715 m above the ground level, Hotel Victoria is renowned for its breathtaking view of the Lake Geneva and the alps. It has a wonderful garden, terrace dining, pool, tennis court, fitness room, sauna in the Hotel premises. It is also unique in its style of room decoration. Every room has its own artistic uniqueness with beautiful paintings adorning the room.

Hotel Victoria- Glion

3 Grimsel Hoapiz-Grimsel Pass

Located at the Grimsel Pass which is at the altitude of 2,164 meters, the Grimsel Hoapiz is many centuries old Hotel. A sensuous hotel interior, large Swiss pine and tower rooms, it is located right opposite the dam. After undergoing several renovations for ages, the modern structure gloriously stands today boasting about its elegance. The infrastructure is excellent for a romantic ambiance with a seductive wine cellar and cozy rooms. The Grimsel is also a member of Swiss historic Hotels since 2010.

Grimsel Hoapiz-Grimsel Pass

4 Waldhotel Fletschhorn-Saastal Village

It is a destination in its own. Flaunting itself to be the heart of the Saas-Fee-Valley, this restaurant is unique with its own Art Gallery. It is a one stop for gourmet food, a wine list of 1200 different varieties and a charming and friendly atmosphere. Meals are served on one of the most beautiful forest terraces in the world. It is a One Michelin star restaurant.

Waldhotel Fletschhorn-Saastal Village

5 Grandhotel Giessbach-Brienz

It is situated in the Giessbach Falls at the altitude of 100 meters above Lake Brienz. Surrounded by alpine meadows , mountains, forests and with breathtaking views of the Lake and waterfall, this Hotel feels like a oasis away from the hustle and bustle of stressful city life. The Funicular railway is quite popular among visitors. The four minute ride from the Hotel to Giessbach-See takes you through the woods and bridges alongside the waterfall giving you enchanting views of this untouched landscape.

Grandhotel Giessbach-Brienz

6 Hotel Pilatus Kulm-Mount Pilatus

The amazing spot where it is situated will itself get you intrigued to the Hotel. Amidst the snow clad mountain peaks, Hotel Pilatus stands strong on the Mount Pilatus at the altitude of 7000 feet above the sea level. It is accessible through train, tram or also an Arial gondola. The journey to the hotel is itself exhilarating and the rail route is considered to be the worlds steepest route. The hotel has only 23 rooms or suites for the guest.

Hotel Pilatus Kulm-Mount Pilatus

7 Aescher Hotel-Wildkirchli

One of the most spectacular mountain hotels, Aescher is among the most visited hotels in Switzerland. You will enjoy an amazing and spectacular scenery due to its unique location. It is located just below the Ebenalp cliff in the northern Alps. It is open only from May to October every year.  Aerial cable takes you up there. You will be embraced with utmost calmness away from the noise of the city. From the extensive alpine Scenery to magnificent landscape you will get it all at this alpine destination.

Aescher Hotel-Wildkirchli

8 Hotel Muottas Muragl -Samedan

It is Located at 2445 m in Engadine valley. The hotel is accessible only by foot or funicular the hotel is one of the Romantic places in the region.  The hotel in refurnished and has 16 pinewood rooms and the rooms are decorated with modern furniture and floors. The food served is of Mediterranean cuisine. The terrace is unique and offers spectacular views of the Lake district. You can reach the hotel by cable car only from Punt Muragl.

Hotel Muottas Muragl -Samedan

9 Gornergrat Kulmhotel- Gornergrat

It is 3100 meters above the sea level and can be reached from Zermatt via the Gornergrat railway. The hotel has two restaurants, a shopping mall and 22 cozy rooms to offer. The restaurants have international and local dining options and also a range of breakfast options. Gornergrat has a stunning night sky view studded with sky, sparkling like diamonds. The dry air and remote location for visitors having a chance to see the ‘Milky Way’ and planets with naked eye. The visitors at Kulmhotel too have a chance to experience this enchanting view.

Gornergrat Kulmhotel- Gornergrat