7 Travel Destination In Luxembourg

Luxembourg, being a small capital situated in the heart of Europe has much to offer in terms of quality of life and diversity. Despite a small country, its beauty is not less than any other countries. People call Luxembourg ‘the green heart of Europe’ because one-third of its area id covered by green spaces. This small capital always surprises its visitors by its tourist destinations including various museums, squares, and the UNESCO World Heritage monuments. The blend of culture, heritage and modernization add into its beauty.

Here Are 7 Travel Destination In Luxembourg

1. Luxembourg City

The Luxembourg City is the lively and happening capital of this tiny European country. The city abounds in places for artistic expressions like concert halls, theaters, and museums. It has an outstanding blend of contemporary architecture and historic places. The visitors love to visit the city to spend holidays in weird spaces, nooks, and tunnels.

Luxembourg City

2. Vianden

The Vianden Castle was constructed between the 11th and 14th centuries during the foundation of a Carolingian refuge and Roman castle. Besides the tour of the castle, travelers can enjoy chairlift up to the scenic views, visit Indian Forest Adventure Park, and Museum to Victor Hugo. Musee d’Historie de la Ville, another museum constructed from two old houses of Vianden knocked together, is the another tourist attraction.


3. Echternach

Echternach, a nunnery town with character, is another tourist attraction in Luxembourg. It has been named as Little Switzerland of the nation by the tourist visitors. This oldest city of the country has preserved its medieval ambiance with towers and remains of the ancient city wall, labyrinthine streets and a Gothic town house located in the market place. The overall appearance of the city takes travelers back in time.


4. Remich

Remich is called the pearl of the Moselle, which is loved for its picturesque corners. You can well imagine the beauty of this small town situated amid on the bank of river Moselle and wine and trading center. It offers a lot to the visitors including hiking, biking, Salsa music and wine tasting. The cyclist travelers can enjoy the scenic beauty of the place through the cycle path along the German and Luxembourg Moselle.


5. Schengen

Schengen is a sleepy town of the country that eliminated all borders in Europe. It is a golden triangle and situated at the heart of Europe. The town sits on the edge of three countries. Despite the undeniably beautiful and uncompromisingly well kept, the town is less visited. The town invites visitors to show their attachment to open borders and love locks.


6. Clervaux

Clervaux offers a great diversity in sporting, gastronomy, and culture. The town is situated in the Valley of Klierf River and is enclosed by wood covered hills. The main attraction of the town is the famous exhibit called The Family Man. It is a permanent display of the collection of 500 photos at the Castle. Clervaux is an end or origin of various walking trails.


7. Ettelbruck

Ettelbruck is a home to the visitors who like to spend a relaxing and pleasant holiday. This picturesque town relies on culture, agriculture, and tourism. Many people visit the town to enjoy artistic events held in CAPE (Centre des Arts Pluriels Edouard Junker). CAPE offers around sixty professional artistic events of high quality each year.


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