Top 7 Romantic Destinations Of Argentina

Top 7 Romantic Destinations Of Argentina

What you are going to come across today, is going to capture your senses. Argentina, a place which hails the great football player Leonel messi has so much in itself apart from talent and inspiration. In Argentina, it is mostly cold climate but this cold is not going to stop you from checking its beauty which is in tones. It is colorful, it is like fairy tale world and it is busy at the same time. I am very sure that you are going to love it for one reason or another.

Top 7 Romantic Destinations Of Argentina

1. Estancia El Colibri, Cordoba

The beautiful Cordoba unquestionably makes a place for visitors who seek a romantic gateway to get cozy. It is located a day’s drive from business Aires and makes a perfect escape for people who have enough of city environment and want to squeeze in a town which is more of a beautiful paradise. Cordoba actually is a small assortment of rolling hills to the north of the sierras chicas. These low lying hills are renowned for numerous estancias and several activities like biking, hiking, riding and relaxing in the cold temperature. Estancia El Colibri is one among the several estancias, it is superb to look and has a perfect setting for party or the couple. The five star hotels, supreme cuisines and the polo matches are some of the few among many reasons to hold you back at this place.

 Estancia El colibri, Cordoba

2. Chacras De Coria, Mendoza

The place is known across the world for its wine which is not only abundant but also of one of the best quality. This is the region where some of the best wine of the world come from. It is the primary reason why it is a must visit attraction of Argentina. Chacras de coria is present at a small distance from Mendoza. The place is not less than an oasis of tranquility where rests the old world charm. Therefore, when you find Argentina a county full of hustle and bustle, you must visit this place. This is in quite contrast of the country. Although, it is a little town but not less than an antiquated paradise. This town is also famous for its vineyards and wine tours. Although, being here with your partner would never be lazy but if you feel so than walk in the bodegas where you can get the best dinner or a cozy overnight stay. Therefore, if you fit in the list of couples who crave for relaxed nights, and cozy lodgings, then you must not miss this place.

Chacras de coria, Mendoza

3. Bariloche

Bariloche is another very romantic place of Argentina. The city is tingled along the shoreline of the logo nahuel huapi and lies in the middle of the national park named as the Bariloche. The place boasts about one of the most incredible setting which is combined with the beautiful flora. The wealth of the summer activities and the cozy weather of winter keeps the couples always busy in something. There are standing tall peaks covered with the snow from all the sides which also give the view of picture postcard. Covered with the snow, these reflects the perfect setting for winter making it a wonderland perfect for the snowboarders and skiers. In summer, the couple can keep themselves busy with the activities like mountain biking, fish catching, & hiking the trails. This place reserves so much fun in itself that it has come to be a famous destination among students as well as the couples.


4. Iguazu Falls

Made by the Iguazu River, the Iguazu falls is one of the most visited site and also one of the most beautiful. It makes the most daunting natural attraction not only of Argentina but the entire world. The Iguazu falls is actually a collection of more than 270 waterfalls and some are even shared by Brazil. There is a myth related to these falls which you will know better about when you come and visit these falls. For couples, there is no other a site as quaint as this. Feasting eyes with such a gigantic and magnificent view only adds to the unique experience. The beauty of the fall can be enjoyed with colors of different nations. Missing such a site in Argentina especially by the couples is the same as missing the biggest treat in the world.

Iguazu falls

5. Perito Moreno Glacier

The glacier is located in the los glaciares national park which lies in the southwest Santa Cruz province in Argentina. In the Argentinean Patagonian, this makes one of the most visited and marvelous site. The site is almighty and is an unforgettable outing ever. You can take a tour to this place with your partner and come across the beautiful fairytale world. You can receive the unsurpassed and the most panoramic view of the Perito Moreno glacier at Curva De Los Suspiros. The area of 600,000 hectares is covered with a glacier cap. There are about 356 glaciers in this region but the most outstanding one is the Perito Moreno. It is about 5 kilometer long and stands about 60 meters high. The glacier is known all over the world for its fractures from where the water runs and mixes with the water of the Brazo Rico.

Perito Moreno glacier

6. Quebrada De Humahuaca

The couples should never miss this valley. It comprises of the 7 color hills that rises to the Spanish colonial village of purmamarca. The dramatic rock formation and the symbolic colors of each rock is mesmerizing and going to steal your senses. For its beauty and importance, this is declared as the UNESCO world heritage site. Once accessed as a trade route, today this valley has turned into a sightseeing attraction of Argentina not only among couples but any kind of visitor.

Quebrada de humahuaca

7. Ushuaia, Patagonia

The reasons are plenty that will make you fall in love with this place. You are going to the south most city of the world with your partner and what you are going to get here is making you fall in love with it. A vast landscape with a very cold climate has plenty of things to offer you. If you crave for the breathtaking views than must travel to Ushuaia. This is the place where the snow caped Andes Mountain encounter the icy currents that rise from the beagle channel. Winter, fall and summer and even spring is chilly thru setting a perfect mood to cuddle your partner at a cozy hotel or sitting next to the warm fire.

Ushuaia, Patagonia

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