Top 6 Places To Visit In Macedonia

Places To Visit In Macedonia

One of the very less explored country of the Balkan, Mecedonia is a fast flourishing country. Being landlocked between Greece, Bulgeria, siberia, Albania and Kosovo Mecedonia has inherited a little of Balkan, Mediterranean and Greek cultures. It is the wine hub of Balkans with some excellent wine and food to offer you. The locals are willingly  ready to help and you will surely love your way walking trail of the mountain range with them. It has a fascinating past and was also the largest kingdom of Alexander III the Great hence you will find statues of him at many places here.

The Famous Cities Of Mecedonia:

1. Skopje

It is a very attractive destination with its fortress, cultural and historical monuments, archaeological sites, sport halls, caves in the canyon of River Treska and Lake Matka. In the past years Skopje has blossomed itself into a beautiful and stimulating city to explore. The narrow and buzzing streets of the old bazaar which is one of the oldest markets preserved in the Balkans. It is also famous as the birthplace of Saint Mother Teresa. The 1500 year old fortress Kale , St Pantelejmon monastery, the Islamic monuments Sultan Hjunkar Mosque and Daut Pasha’s bath are the major attractions of Skopje.



2. Mavrovo

One of the most beautiful scenery of Macedonia, Mavroro is an incredibly picturesque landscape. In the Midst of the green plateaus and snowy peaks, stands the beautiful lake Mavrovo. The crystal clear water of the lake is a known destination for kayaking, boating, fishing and sunbathing. The snow capped mountains is not just magnificent landscape but also a famous destination for Skiing.



3. Ohrid

It is the small resort city on the hilly shores of Lake Ohrid. A weekend in Ohrid is an escape from the hustle and bustle for the city life. This old town is crammed with traditional restaurants and cafes. Beautiful Old Churches, the museum on water, ancient theater are the attractions of Ohrid.



4. Struga

” There is no place like Struga” goes the saying from the time the writer Iliris wrote about the vivid city. A wonderful place where one can run away from the city life and live amid the untouched natural beauty. Standing between the Lake Ohrid and Lake Drim  it was also know as the ‘The City of 100 bridges’. Struga is also proud of its poetry evenings held in the end of October every year. There are also beautiful churches and the fisherman village kalishta are places you can visit in struga.



5. Bitola

A city where the old ottoman constructions and ancient ruins intermingle with the modern office buildings. Mosques, markets, and the clock tower are the main sights to see. Bitola can be best explored by walking along the streets. The Magnolia square, museum of bitola, the ottoman styled houses, the ruins of the Heraclea Lyncestis-an ancient kingdom and the Pelister national Park are major attractions here.



6. Berovo

One of the most beautiful Mountain towns of Balkan, Berovo is a small town in Malesevo Mountains. There is only a single asphalt road that leads to the town. Berovo lake and the mountain forest are the places of attraction here. You can enjoy the breathtaking picturesque view of the pine forest or even go hiking the mountains with 5 hiking locations marked in Berovo. The Berovo is well known and you can also try the traditional dishes offered there. You can also visit the iconic “Archangel Michael” monastery built in 1818. Berovo will surely offer you a joyous and recreation day.


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