Top 12 Hotels And Restaurants In Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is considered as one of largest Central Asian states that share its border with Russia, China and many more. It was considered a part of the former Soviet Union. This country is considered as the ninth biggest country in terms of size and hence boasts a large number of travel places. The endless features of the country attract lots of people from all across the world. There are various numbers of states that can become the major attraction for the tourists. Attractive locations such as the Altai mountains, Kolsai lakes, Karkaraly national park and many more should be selected for a perfect tour. Below are list of some of the best hotels and restaurants in Kazakhstan.

Top 12 Hotels And Restaurants In Kazakhstan:

1. Holiday Inn Almaty

The main feature of the hotel is the location of this hotel. It is located near the main business junction. With clean rooms and better hospitality services, this hotel has ranked properly with tourists who frequently visit the hotel. Food facility along with bar is available for 24 hours.

Holiday Inn Almaty

2. Ritz Carlton, Almaty

It is one of the best hotels till date due to a quite good number of properties. The world class service will please all customers. The types of facilities are specially designed for the tourist’s people. It also provides yummy food options that are provided to your door. The staffs of this hotel are going to make your day by their quality service.

Ritz Carlton, Almaty

3. Rixos Almaty

Rixos has become all time best hotel for all the tourists’ people. The scenery from the hotel is simply superb that will simply blow up your mind. The food arrangement done in the hotel is also of world class quality. With perfect quality room’s facility, the hotel manages to provide right service at right time.

Rixos Almaty

4. InterContinental Hotel, Almaty

This hotel is going to become the best kind of stay experience in Kazakhstan. The rooms of this hotel are maintained with perfect luxurious materials and spacious too. The reception staff along with the other hospitality staffs is simply superb in their behavior and service.

InterContinental Hotel, Almaty

5. Royal Tulip

Royal Tulip is also counted as one of the reputed hotel in Kazakhstan because of its accommodation and food facilities. The lobby and the halls are also superb and spacious at the same time. The hotel rooms are well maintained with all kinds of facilities. You will simply enjoy staying in this hotel.

Royal Tulip

6. Rixos President Astana

The location of this hotel is the major attraction as it is next to the central axis. With comfortable rooms and better food facilities, the hotel is the major attraction for many tourists. All latest kinds of facilities are well enabled in this hotel without miss.

Rixos President Astana

7. Kazzhol

Kazzhol has become a very ideal kind of stay for the tourist’s people who are visiting Kazakhstan at any point of time. The quiet and large rooms of the hotel are the major features, which are well maintained. The food facility of the hotel provides some of the best and yummy food at your door step.


8. Uyut Hotel

This hotel is rated as 4 star hotels and provides high class rooms. The rooms of this hotel contain proper bedrooms and other necessary facilities. They provide airport pick up service. You will be amazed to get the service of this hotel.

Uyut Hotel

9. Gosti

Gosti is considered as the top most restaurants in Almaty. The entire restaurant is well decorated with the bohemian style of Russia art. The high class Russian cuisine and other range of cuisines will make you linger in your mind. This restaurant is well famous for some of the best items that you can easily order.


10. Alasha

Alasha is located near the outskirts of Almaty and has successfully got the renowned name for delicious food items. This restaurant is the main destination for Uzbek type of cuisine that is very tasty. The signature dish of this restaurant will make you visit this place again and again.


11. Worldhotel Saltanat

This is one of the best hotels that best suits for business trip. The rooms are good and comfortable. The friendly staffs along with proper food facilities in the hotel are some of the extra benefits. You will simply love to stay in this hotel.

Worldhotel Saltanat

12. Gakku

Gakku is located in Almaty and is famous for the authentic type of Kazakh food items. The elegant types of dining areas will surely add on to the hunger. The nomadic tent version of the restaurant provides cuisines of various types. The main course of the restaurant includes a mutton dish that is quite yummy in taste.

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