5 Top Five Star Hotels Of Japan

When it comes to Japan, the one thing that comes to mind is the technology & the gr& Tokyo. Off course, who on earth would like to miss such a place? What makes japan incredible is not just the technology but also the preserved ancient beauty in the form of modified garden, palaces & museums. Although, you would only find these thing at precise places but something that in visible everywhere in Japan is the technology & the cleanliness. Today, you would be introduced to the top 5 hotels in incredible Japan. Although Japanese Ryokan is not a bad choice for staying but there is a different pleasure of staying in five star hotel especially when you want to get treated with fun, luxury, beauty & comfort at the same time. Hope that the knowledge about these hotels will make your journey easier. Read on to know more about these hotels.

Here Are 5 Top Five Star Hotels Of Japan

1. Mandarin Oriental

Located in the Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower in Tokyo’s Nihonbashi neighborhood, the gr& Mandarin oriental is close to the Tokyo station & Tokyo station. The hotel comprise of 178 guestrooms along with suites & ten restaurants & bars. The hotel, also has a spa that has been awarded as one of the top spas in the world. Here, you will get all the luxuries served with evergreen Japanese punctuality. Moreover, the location of the hotel in the heart of Tokyo city definitely makes it even better choice. Come here & do share what you feel about the hotel.

Visit Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin Oriental

2. Conrad Tokyo

Conrad in located in Tokyo serving the top amenities in the world. Besides serving its customers with luxury, it takes special care of them. The Conrad Tokyo comes with 289 guestrooms, 4 gr& restaurants, limo car service, health club, daily & punctual housekeeping, full service spa & off course the indoor pool. Here there is no problem of connecting to the world around as you would get free Wi-Fi here. Last but not the least is its location that makes it an easy & best choice for its customers.

Visit Conrad Tokyo

Conrad Tokyo

3. Park Hyatt

When it comes to the top hotels of Japan, most of them are located in Tokyo, Japan. Park Hyatt even got the Travelers’ choice award in 2016 for its best service, luxury, top hotels & romantic atmosphere. Here, not only you would get the basic facilities but also enjoy every minute spend here. Some of the main facilities include, suites, restaurants, swimming pool, business centers, fitness centers, & the obvious free wife.

Visit Park Hyatt

Park Hyatt

4. Windsor Toya Resort & Spa

Located on the Hokkaido island of Japan, this hotel enjoys a spectacular location in the mountain between Pacific Ocean & Lake Toya. From this hotel, the customers can enjoy some of the breathtaking views found in the northernmost island. The hotel combines a classy cosmopolitan style along with the traditional Japanese elegance. Inside the hotel, the guest can enjoy numerous games, hot springs, delicious cuisines, & certain specialties. Moreover, the hotel makes it easy for its guests to approach i.e. by booking the form online.

Visit Windsor Toya Resort & Spa

Windsor Toya Resort & Spa

5. Ritz Carlton

The Ritz Carlton is located in the Roppongi district of Tokyo, Japan. Besides providing its customers with the top luxury, it gives them the wonderful experience of elegant guest rooms, amazing room service, & great treatment. The distinctive hotel features more than 245 elegant guest rooms along with stunning views of Tokyo & world-class spas. Visit here & treasure memorable moment.

Visit Ritz Carlton

Ritz Carlton

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