The Top 10 Things To Do In Togo

Togo is a beautiful place in the western Africa. The culture of Togo is fulfilled with amazing historical monuments and sites. Also Togo is a beautiful and adventurous place where you can get peaceful views of the landscapes, sunrises and sunsets. The river crafting, boating and sailing are more attractions.

Here Are Some Exciting Things That You Can Do In Togo:

1. Visit Lome

Lome is the capital of Togo which is a beautiful merge of traditional culture and modernization. Lome is enriched with beautiful places, like landscapes, malls, river fronts and the best of all the shopping streets and markets. The amazing shopping market in Togo would give you super trendy outfits and accessories which you can find in nowhere but in Togo.

Visit Lome

2. Go To The Togo Lake

Togo Lake is the best place to visit in Togo if you like a peaceful and calm environment with green and hilly surroundings. The beautiful trees and gardens along with the pretty lake are worth visiting. If you like sailing or boating in the lake, this is a large lake that gives you opportunities to go for boating in the large water body. Around the lake, there are beautiful gardens that will give you a beautiful view of sunrise and sunsets and you will surely get mesmerized in the beauty of nature.

Go To The Togo lake

3. Visit The Historical Togoville

Togoville is an ancient place from where the new Togo was invented. The political decisions were made at this place when Togo came under the German rule. The places here are visited by various people interested in learning the tradition and history of Togo.

Visit The Historical Togoville

4. Watch The Whales In Atlantic Ocean

Along with the culture, tradition and natural beauty, there is one more thing that will take your breath away and leave you amazed. The whale watching is the best thing you can do in Togo. Togo has many riverfronts and beaches but the watching the whales playing and cheering can be witnessed at the Gulf of Benin. While surfing in the boats through the ocean, you can witness amazing whales jumping and sailing in the water. This is the most beautiful experience you can ever have in Togo.

Watch The Whales in Atlantic Ocean

5. Visit The Mud Tower

If you are more of a historic person who has immense love for cultural and historical monuments and sites, you can visit the mud house located in koutammakou. It is located in Batammariba which is declared one of the world heritage sites by UNESCO. Your love for sightseeing the historic places can be fulfilled by visiting this place.

Mud Tower

6. Go Fishing

Remember the childhood days when you used to go fishing with your family and had a great time at the riverfronts? Togo has many such river fronts at the villages located on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. These small villages are covered with beautiful farms and rivers which will completely make our day. If you are tired of the hectic and busy lifestyle, these are the villages in Togo where you can go and enjoy fishing while sitting on the river fronts and having a great peaceful family time.

Go Fishing

7. Visit The National Parks In Togo

Fazao Mafakassa national park has amazing spices of animals and birds which will make you explore more and more. Togo has great national parks and animals form elephants to lions. There are other several national parks too which would complete your day by roaming in the parks and clicking the pictures of the animals lost in enjoying regardless of the people visiting the park. I you are an animal lover and love to capture the animals in your camera, these national parks would surely grab your attention.

Visit The National Parks In Togo

8. Visit The Beaches In Togo

Togo is enriched with lots of beaches having amazing views. If you want to bath in fresh waters of the beach or relax and take a sun bath while resting on the Jacuzzis, you must visit the beaches in Togo. The Le Ramatou beach is the most frequently visited beach by the tourists and local people. The resets and restaurants on the beach side offer amazing services and delicious food.

Visit The Beaches In Togo

9. Go Hiking

If you love getting on your feet and striking some adventurous place, this is the best option for you. If you love hiking, kapilme gives you numerous opportunities for hiking. Mount Agou is the highest mountain in Togo where people and mountaineers frequently go for hiking. Witnessing the scenic beauty of Togo while climbing the mountains is a view that will get you mesmerized and lost. You would never with to come back if you get a glimpse of the sunsets and sunrise from the peak of the mountain.

Go Hiking

10. Book And Stay At Beautiful Resorts

After getting to the beaches, hiking, roaming in the national parks, what you would need is a beautiful resort or hotel where you can stay and enjoy extremely amazing facilities offered by them. The hotels and resorts on the sea shores and river sides, give a perfectly amazing view.

Book And Stay At Beautiful Resorts

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