8 Remarkable Places To Visit In Dresden, Germany

Dresden is the ideal place to capture the magic of medieval Europe. The capital of the eastern state of Saxony, Dresden, is famed for its exquisite porcelain, art treasures and magnificent palaces. Dresden which wittily combines the old with the new, is celebrated as much for its past, as it is for its present. Some of the fabulous landmarks of Dresden include the Zwinger Palace, the Grunes Gewolbe and Gemaldegalerie Alte Meister. To discover some of the truly remarkable places to visit in Dresden , read on.

Here Are 8 Remarkable Place To Visit In Dresden

1. Gaze At The Renowned Zwinger Palace

Zwinger Palace, a historical, landmark complex, is located in the heart of Dresden.

This glorious Baroque style building was constructed by Augustus the Strong in 1709.

Besides the majestic sandstone palace, visitors to this locale can also absorb the spectacular beauty of the numerous galleries, pavilions and gardens which dot the landscape. The Nymphenbad (a stunning, enclosed courtyard which features numerous, exquisite statues of nymphs) and the Crown Gate are just a few of the outstanding architectural features of Zwinger Palace complex. The Zwinger Palace also houses the Historical Museum, a museum which displays priceless porcelain artifacts and a scientific museum.

Gaze At The Renowned Zwinger Palace

2. Be Mesmerized By The Ethereal Beauty Of Dresden Frauenkirche

The immense, sandstone Dresden Frauenkirche, or The Church of Our Lady is one of the most widely recognized landmarks of Dresden.

This immense church was designed by master architect George Bahr. Dresden Frauenkirche, a Lutheran Church was built in the 18th century, on the site of an earlier Roman Catholic Church.

This octagonal shaped building is crowed by a massive circular dome – referred to as the ’Stone Bell’. Inside the cavernous interiors of the Church, visitors can gaze at the five spectacular galleries, the pristine white altar and the exquisite nave. The colorful murals which decorate the walls of the church are truly a sight for sore eyes. To enjoy the mind boggling views of the nearby Elbe River, tourists can head to the viewing platform which is located at the apex of the dome.

Be Mesmerized By The Ethereal Beauty Of Dresden Frauenkirche

3. Tour The Grunes Gewolbe

The historic Grunes Gewolbe or the Green Vault is a wonderful repository of nearly 3000 priceless artifacts.

Grunes Gewolbe enjoys the unique distinction of being one of the premier treasure chambers in all of Europe. The spectacular treasures which are housed inside this museum are proudly displayed in front of ornate mirrored walls. Visitors to this museum must not miss the opportunity to visit the Ivory Room, the Amber Cabinet, the Silver Gilt Room, White Silver Room, Jewel Room and the Corner Cabinet (to name a few must see exhibit areas). A whopping 3 million visitors visit this magnificent museum every single year.

Tour The Grunes Gewolbe

4. Visit The Spectacular Gemaldegalerie Alte Meister

Gemaldegalerie Alte Meister showcases some of the finest works by the Old Masters. This awesome gallery, which attracts over half a million art lovers from across the globe every single year, displays a whopping 750 priceless paintings.

The paintings exhibited in this gallery were created between the 15th century and the 18th century.

One of the finest art galleries in Europe, the Gemaldegalerie Alte Meister houses works which were done by famous artists like Tintoretto, Raphael, Rueben, Rembrandt, Titian and Andrea Mantiga among others.

Visit The Spectacular Gemaldegalerie Alte Meister

5. Discover The Beautiful Bruhl Terrace

Bruhl’s Terrace which has earned the epithet of “The Balcony of Europe” is located along the banks of the Elbe River. This spectacular site is named after Heinrich Von Bruhl. The Bruhl’s Terrace is a beautiful locale of outstanding natural and architectural beauty. A visit to Bruhl’s Terrace is incomplete without touring the nearby Dresden Fortress and Basement Vault.

Discover The Beautiful Bruhl Terrace

6. Watch An Opera At Semperoper

Semperoper is one of signature landmarks of the city of Dresden. This stunning building is located on the banks of the scenic Elbe River. The Semperoper which houses numerous operas and concert throughout the year was inaugurated in 1841.

The building underwent major renovation work after a devastating fire ravaged the building in 1869.

The building was reconstructed after it was completely destroyed during World War II. Today, the grand Semperoper with its yawning interiors is famed for its brilliant acoustics.

Watch An Opera At Semperoper

7. Tour The Pillnitz Castle

A visit to Dresden is incomplete without touring the opulent Pillnitz Castle.

This grand castle is located on the banks of the Elbe River, about 15 kilometers from the busy Dresden City Center.

The architecture of the upper castle in this complex is an explicit nod to the Baroque style. In addition to the Upper Palace, this complex also houses the beautiful Riverside Palace and two other palaces which have been inspired by Asian architecture. Besides touring the awesome palaces, tourists can also absorb the surreal beauty of the 28 hectare palace grounds.

Tour The Pillnitz Castle

8. Gaze At Furstenzug

Furstenzug or the Procession of the Princes is probably the longest mural in the world. This mural which has been crafted from beautiful Dresden porcelain tiles covers the outer wall of the Long corridor at the Royal mews.

The 334 feet long mural which was created with 24,000 porcelain tiles, depicts 93 kings, princes, dukes and margraves.

This magnificent porcelain artwork was created between 1870 and 1876 by the celebrated artist Wilhelm Walther.

Gaze At Furstenzug

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