6 Amazing Things To Do In Lugano

Surrounded by lofty mountains and a marvelous lake, Lugano is an important financial centre of Switzerland. Its splendor and gorgeous setting together with the Mediterranean panache has made Lugano a popular holiday destination. Are you visiting Lugano for the first time and have no idea how the city would look like and what exciting things you can do on your holiday in the city? Do not worry. Here are the six best things you can do in the Swizz city as you explore the place.

Things To Do In Lugano:

1. Parco Civico

Take a ten minutes walk towards north from the town centre and you will get to the beautiful lakeside park.

The large lake extends in the front of the magnificent garden making it the most wonderful place to slow down and lighten up your body.

The colorful flower beds, green lawns, clean walking paths, large trees are aesthetically pleasing. The Villa Ciani and the monuments in the garden are striking. There is also a garden for children of all ages and some water activity for adults.

Parco Civico

2. Mountain Bike

The stunning Lugano city surrounded by mountains and the lake is a wonderful place for mountain biking. The pleasant climate and the sunny days make the ride enjoyable.

The mountains that are not so steep and the rolling hills allow you to cover a longer distance and offer you magnificent view of the town.

The trails are not very technical and are mostly single tracks. If you want a challenging trail, northwest would be perfect. Go to the tourist office and enquire and explore all the mountain bike rides and choose what you want.

Mountain Bike

3. Gandria

The unspoiled lakeside village situated along the steep mountainside is a delightful surprise for visitors. You can reach the village either by walking along the lakeside or taking a boat trip.

The narrow streets and the well preserved building in the villages are amazing.

The reflection of the buildings in the clear lake water is beautiful. A guided trip to this charming place helps you learn how inhabitants lived in the past. The olive tree path around the village is what one should never miss.


4. Wellness Resorts

Lugano is a place where you can de-stress and experience real pleasure. If you want to forget your daily duties and grant yourself some time to live, wellness resorts in Lugano are perfect.

Everything in these resorts revolves around health and healing.

Parco San Marco Lifestyle Beach Resort and resort Collina d’oro are examples of such wellness resorts, which focus on wellness and relaxation.

Wellness Resorts

5. Amusement And Night Life

The lakeside town has more to offer than just the picturesque views. The casinos outside the town and in the town offer a wide range of games from blackjack to slots at night.

There is a dress code for men and one must show passport for entry.

The bars and clubs are plenty in number. They are more lively and filled with music. The dance floors, dancers and electrifying music make the night merrier.

Amusement And Night Life

6. Shopping

No trip is complete without shopping. The shops in Lugano help you find whatever you want. The most popular streets, the Via Pessina and Via Nassa offer a wide range of shops. The fresh food market is worth a visit. The departmental stores and supermarkets have amazing stuff. The splendid palazzos of the Old town have refined boutiques for lavish purchases.


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