5 Things That Should Not Be Missed When In Pau, France

The capital of Pyrenees- Atlantiques, Pau in France, is the place that lets you can explore the Pyrenees Mountains. You can get into the town by air or rail. There are ample restaurants and shopping centres here where one can indulge in local cuisines and take home back some unique souvenirs. There are plenty of accommodation options in Pau and the town offers a lot of activities and sightseeing options that makes it an ideal holiday destination.

1. Boulevard des Pyrnees

A beautiful boulevard in the town of Pau, Boulevard des Pyrenees, has buildings on its north and a terrace with a view of the valley on its south. The boulevard offers a panoramic view of the Pyrenees peaks which is situated 50kms towards the south. It was on the suggestion of Napoleon that the boulevard was created. It offers the best views in the early mornings and late evenings when the weather is clear.

Boulevard des Pyrenees

2. Funiculaire de Pau

This is a funicular railway that connects the Boulevard des Pyrenees that is located in the city centre and the Chateau de Pau to the Pau station that is located in the Gave de Pau valley. It is a free ride. Even though it is a short ride it is fun to ride on this route. If you want to reach the upper town then this is the best way to commute.

3. Chateau de Pau

The Chateau de Pau is a castle located in the centre of the city of Pau. It is a huge castle that is present in a quarter of the city. It was the birth place of Henry IV of France and Navarre and was also used by Napoleon as his holiday home. The palace today has a collection of tapestries .You can do a guided tour of the palace to know about its history. The tour is fascinating and you get to know about the French history and also how the town of Pau grew up around the settlement.

Chateau de Pau

4. Musee des Beaux Arts

This is an impressive deco building of art and has a beautiful collection that any art lover would admire. A museum staff welcomes you and explains to you about the place. You get to see many sculptures and paintings and the books in the library let you know things beyond what is shown on the walls. You can see arts from El Greco to some modern arts.

Musee des Beaux Arts

5. Hippodrome de Pau

Hippodrome de Pau is a must go place for all horse lovers. If you would like to see and enjoy French horse racing then this is the place to visit. The racecourse is great and there is also a restaurant that offers a panoramic view that overlooks the track and the café bar. You can enjoy jump racing as well as flat racing here. The race is however conducted only for a few days in the winter months. So if you are in Pau during the winter season, you should definitely plan a visit here.

Hippodrome de Pau

There are a number of professional sightseeing tours of Pau conducted by local agents. Pau also offers a great night life .So whether you would like to drink in a pub or bet your money in a casino, Pau has it all. You could also go shopping or spend your time watching the shows and concerts that are conducted in Pau from time to time.

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