5 Incredible Waterfalls In South America To Watch

The Southern America is a home to some of the charming and spectacular waterfalls in the continent. It has a large rain forest ecosystem and the combination of these falls with the greatest natural wonders is amazing.  The water gushing down the mountains plunging into the river is a charismatic sight. Many of them are accessible only from air and some need tremendous hiking to be done to reach there but the final destination is just worth these efforts.

Though the continent has abundance of scenic falls on it, here are the 5 Incredible of them you should be visiting at least once in Lifetime !!

1. Angel Falls

World’s tallest uninterrupted waterfall, Angel falls is located in the Canaima National Park, Venezuela. The waterfall plunges 3212 feet from the top of Auyan-tepu mountain and falls into the Devil’s Canyon. The fall is among the world’s spectacular sight that you will cherish for a lifetime.

The National Park is only accessible from air or water from the Canaima camp to the Canaima lagoon where the water falls get framed after its fall. You may get on a excursion to the fall from the lagoon, trekking from the jungle. The most important thing to keep in mind is getting vaccinated for yellow fever before your trip, which is a common disease in the south american forest.

Angel Falls

2. Iguazu Falls

They are located on the Ignazu River, on the border of the Argentine province of Misiones and the Panama state of Brazil. It is the largest waterfall system of the world consisting of 275 falls. You can visit the falls from both the countries. Special walkways have been built around the falls for the visitors to get a closer view of the waterfall.

You will get a exquisite sight for your eyes as the massive falls cascades into the river. The highest among the falls is the ‘Devil’s Throat’ which is 80 meters high and is a group of 14 waterfalls. Also the pathways make the falls easily accessible to the visitors, saving them the trek to reach their spot.

Iguazu Falls

3. Kaieteur Falls

Kaieteur falls is one of the most impressive waterfalls you will come accross. It is rightly said to be Guyana’s most scenic landmarks. The water launches itself from a height of 226 m into the Potaro River in the Kaieteur National Park. Surrounded by pristine rain forest, you may not have the privilege to hike to the spot all alone. .

You will have to hire a tour company that will arrange a charter plane for your trip to the fall, which will leave you to the access point where your trek would start. This factor itself makes it even more beautiful with an unaltered natural landscape around the falls.

Kaieteur Falls

4. Orinduik Falls

Orinduik is a popular tourist destination on the Brazilian border. River Ireng merges the river tukutu at this point where there are terraces of red jasper. The water plunges over the highland giving rise to Orinduik. It is approximately 25 m tall and hence lets you soak in water and take a dip over the 150 m wide stretch. It is an ideal spot for a days trip. Also there is an airstrip nearby which makes the waterfall accessible adding an advantage for the visitors.

Orinduik Falls

5. Salto Grande

Salto Grande is a powerful waterfall on river paine with a sheer volume of water gushing down making its way to the turquoise Lake Pehoe. Although the waterfall is only 15 m high, the combination of the volume and color of the water along with the gushing water surely will give you an overwhelming feeling. Also the waterfall is situated in the Paine national park, making it a flawless spectacular sight to watch. It is a treat to the photographers giving them an ultimate photogenic natural landscape of the majestic view.

Salto Grande

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