13 Spectacular Tourist Attractions In Haiti

Haiti is a beautiful Caribbean nation which is located on the Hispaniola in the Caribbean region with the Dominican Republic lying to its east. Port-au-Prince is popular as the capital of this Caribbean island. A visit to Haiti is an amazing experience since this exquisite island  is indeed a paradise with turquoise waters, eye-catching golden shores, lush green vegetation, heavenly mountaintops, spectacular, colorful landscape, historical monuments, and pleasant environment. So, lots of tourists worldwide visit Haiti to explore various popular tourist spots here. And, if you are planning to visit this wonderful Caribbean island, you need to know some worth-visiting tourist destinations that you must not miss. Scroll down to find them out.

Amazing National Parks All Over The World:

1. Citadelle Laferriere

Citadelle Laferriere is an amazing mountaintop structure that was constructed after the independence of Haiti in its northern area. It was designed to safeguard Haiti from the French invasion. Citadelle Laferriere appears stunning, and it is one of the biggest fortresses in Caribbean. Also, it is known to earn the fame for being nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982. The locals of this island call this fortress as the Eighth Wonder of the World.


2. Labadee

Labadee is a spectacular port present in the northern area of Haiti. This piece of paradise is well-known as a private resort which belongs to the Royal Caribbean International Cruise Ltd till 2050 and attracts most tourists visiting Haiti. Crystal-clear water at this port and enchanting white sandy beaches makes Labadee one of the most visited tourist destination in the Caribbean island. Make sure you shop wonderful items from the Haitian vendors. Also, enjoy thrilling water sports here.


3. Bassin Bleu

Bassin Bleu is an enchanting waterfall that you can find on the hills of Jacmel in Haiti. Don’t miss visiting this spectacular waterfall and enjoy jumping in the pleasant waters, watching in lush green plantations in the vicinity, and swimming and relaxing in the spellbinding waters of the waterfall.


4. Cathedral Notre Dame de Cap Haitien

Make sure you visit the pleasant Catholic Cathedral which is located in the Cap-Haitien. Relax in the pleasant place after you explore the wonderful colonial town here. Visit the small park present in the front of this amazing church. Tall white walls of the Cathedral Notre Dame de Cap Haitien enhance the elegance of the church. Its high-domed interiors make it appear impressive.


5. Sans-Souci Palace

The Palace of Sans-Souci is a worth-visiting palace in the Milot town in Haiti. The palace was well-known as the royal residence of the King Henri I. You can find here several degenerated staircases and amazing high-arched windows. So, make it a point to visit this historic palace when in Haiti to have an enriching experience.


6. Kokoye Beach

Kokoye beach is a scenic beach in Haiti that you must not miss when exploring this enchanting Caribbean island. You can find here turquoise waters, wonderful palm trees, stunning white sandy beaches, and warm breeze to have a refreshing experience. You can reach this amazing beach only via boat or via hiking. Make sure you enjoy the fun of snorkeling when at this exquisite Kokoye beach.


7. Museum of Haitian Art

Are you fond of learning about the artwork in Haiti? Watch artistic, impressive artwork created by the locals of Haiti by visiting the Museum of Haitian Art, which you can find in the College of Saint Pierre. Here, you can find stunning display of colorful, beautiful artwork developed by the locals of this marvelous Caribbean island.


8. Gelee Beach

Gelee beach is the most beautiful and the longest sandy beach in Haiti. You can sense the pleasant aroma of the coconut when you are exploring this beach. Watch fishing boats bouncing on the pleasant waters of the Gelee beach. If you visit this destination in Haiti in the month of August, you can find here musicians and dancers celebrating the Fete Notre Dame festival. Don’t miss enjoying the scrumptious seafood available in the restaurants in the vicinity of the Gelee beach.


9. Saut-Mathurine

Saut-Mathurine is the biggest, wonderful waterfall in the island of Haiti. You can find it in the Camp-Perrin, and its source is located in the Rivière de Cavaillon. Enjoy swimming and paddling in the enchanting waters of this exquisite Saut-Mathurine. If you drive to the waterfall, you can watch stunning views of the lush green trees and scenic landscape on all the sides.


10. Amiga Island

Make sure you take a enchanting boat ride to the panoramic Amiga Island when in Haiti. You can find here one of the best beaches of the Caribbean country. Enjoy the fun of snorkeling in the clear waters, watch the marine life, explore the coral reefs, relaxing on the pristine white sand, and swim in the fascinating waters of the Amiga Island. Make sure you taste scrumptious fruit punch once you arrive on the island.


11. Bay Of Acul

Bay of Acul is also widely popular as the North Acul bay, and it is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations, which you can find in the north of the Acul-du-North when you are on the island of Haiti. Don’t miss enjoying several amazing water activities when visiting the Acul Bay. This bay is known for being the shelter to Christopher Columbus when he arrived here on his first voyage. Spend a wonderful time exploring this beautiful bay in Caribbean.


12. Musee De Guahaba Museum

Are you interested in discovering the historical and cultural significance and sites in Haiti? If yes, make sure you visit the Musee De Guhaba Museum, which is quite famous on this Caribbean island. It is known for being established by Willian H. Hodges, and it is situated on the top of one of the biggest Haitian hills. You get to learn the history of Haiti dating back to the indigenous Taino and Arawak Indian tribes. Discover the struggle for independence during 1804 at this museum.


13. Fort Jacques

Fort Jacques is a magnificent structure that features ruins of the grand castle in Haiti. This amazing fort is covered by dense forests in the vicinity of the capital Port-au-Prince. Don’t miss to explore this fabulous tourist destination by taking a tour to the waning remains of the fort and rusting cannons. Watch the stunning views of the Haiti’s central plains from the top of this fort.


Now that you know these fascinating tourist attractions in Haiti, make sure you visit each of these incredible destinations when on this scenic Caribbean island and enjoy spending pleasant vacations on Haiti.

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