Top 10 Value For Money Destinations In America

Vacations are the best time to splurge in the travel bucket list to spend a great time. The United States is a rich nation and may hamper your whole budget. But a planned vacation can make you save some bucks in your wallet. To ensure the planning doesn’t stress you before a vacation, here is a list of 10 value for money destinations in the United States which will really make your trip affordable and memorable too.

1. New Orleans

New Orleans is the city which brags the richness of the European culture, lip-smacking food and the beats of the jazz music. The city is not very cheap but it is not either costly for the enthusiastic travellers with a fixed budget.

The city has an unending list of things to see and explore. Start your journey in the city with the French Quarters which will take you to the history and foundation of New Orleans.

Taste the marvellous Creole cuisine and dive in the free jam sessions in the town without spending a penny. To save bucks in your wallet move your focus from the expensive and luxurious chains of hotels, and go for the family owned bed and breakfast to experience the local charm of the place at a low cost.

New Orleans

2. Charleston

This South Carolina will give you the feeling of its long embraced where streets are lit with the oil lamp and the clicking sound of the horse carriage can be heard from a distance. Charleston is a place of old mansions and spooky cemeteries. But the city has more in its box, as it is a perfect combination of cosmopolitan and history. You can see a varied range of restaurants, hotels and places of attraction.

To spend a memorable vacation at a budget friendly cost you can go and explore the museums in the city.

Relive the memories and pain of war in Fort Sumter and witness the first shot of the war. Charleston city market is a perfect sneak out the place for the shopping lovers. The Sullivan beach and the Isle of Palm will give you the nearest beach experience. The southern cuisine cannot be missed in Charleston. Make your stay longer in the city without giving pain to your wallet by lodging in the bed cum breakfast places instead of the rich palatial hotels.


3. Savannah

Often known as the “Hostess City of the South”, Savannah is a twin city of Charleston. The magnificent architecture of the place with the beautifully laid roads amidst the trees. The Southern cuisine will satisfy your taste buds without costing you an extra penny. The budgeted lodging places can make your mind to stay for a few extra days.


4. Nashville

In the state of Tennessee, Nashville has emerged as the country music capital. The nightlife of the city will let you groove on the best songs. The live radio show at Grand Ole Opry and Country Music Hall of Fame will give the best experience of enjoying the tunes of the Country Music. The delicious home cooked food in the streets will be a hike to your budget. The lodging will affordable in the downtown of the city. You can splurge some discounts if you plan to stay longer.


5. San Antonio

With the scarred history of the Mexican war, the city has emerged effortlessly through the downfall. Go down the memory lane witnessing the memories of the Alamo and other missions in the San Antonio National Missions Historic Park.

The height of the sky high skyscrapers are baffling, but amidst this, the Cathedral still stands high rejoicing the religion.

The history of the city is rich but the city has other interesting things in its boundaries. The theme parks, museums will make a great start to your vacation. The famous River Walk will make your vacation complete. It may cost a little extra in the restaurants along the River Walk, but you enjoy a delicious range of food walking down the town. The spring season is the best time to get an affordable lodging in this historic city.

San Antonio

6. Eureka Springs

A beautiful little town standing on the Ozark Mountains will give you a splendid getaway from the hectic life. Eureka Springs showcase the majestic Victorian houses on its streets. As you walk down the streets, the artistic blend of art galleries, wobbly tiny shops and country music bars will welcome you in a fascinating way, of course, affordable to your budget. As you head to the village there are more adventurous thrills waiting for you. Go for horseback riding, hiking and cycling in the expansive area of the Ozark Mountain. The affordable lodging will make you stay longer in this beautiful place.

Eureka Springs

7. Washington D.C

Being the nation’s capital doesn’t restrain it from giving the visitors a memorable excursion in their budget. The capital is a costly city, but there are limitless ways you can enjoy your vacation at low cost.

The historic Smithsonian museum and a free tour of the National Zoo are the major attractions in this East Coast city without costing a penny.

The city has a well-connected metro network which will make your commute in and around the city easier and cheaper. Save some extra bucks in the city during the weekends, as the lodging will cost you much lesser than other days.

Washington D.C

8. Seattle

The Seattle city has a gloomy weather over the whole year, but it should not stop you from exploring the beautiful city. For the thrill lovers, Seattle has a varied range of adventurous activities.

Hike to the Olympic Mountains or the Giant Mount Rainier and enjoy Kayaking, hiking and camping at an affordable price.

Apart from the adventure arena, the Emerald City is the perfect place for the art lovers. Reckon the art of blown glass pieces in the Chihuly Garden and Glass or the displayed art in the Seattle Art Museum. You cannot go hungry as the streets of Seattle are displayed with the variety of food and craft breweries.


9. Portland

The star city of Pacific Northwest, Portland is a perfect place for a weekend getaway. The city also is known as the “City of Roses or Bridge City’’ has a wide range of things to offer at a minimum budget. The city is stacked with 65 breweries which will let you taste the local beer of the town.

As you will walk down the streets the exotic and authentic street food will fill your stomach at a low cost.

The Adventure lovers can go for hiking as the city has many adventurous trails for the hikers. The visitors can also go for water sports along the Willamette and Colorado River which borders the city. You can lodge in the Vancouver, Washington to save some extra bucks as lodging in Portland will cost an extra lodging tax. Sip in the locally roasted coffee and enjoy the relatively chilly weather of this beautiful place on the West coast.


10. Austin

Colorado River flows in between this beautiful town In Texas which has ample places for its visitors. The picturesque beauty of the Austin town will leave you mesmerised. Without burning your pocket this place has an unending list of places to enjoy. You can go for the thrilling adventure like biking, hiking and canoeing which is quite affordable. As the day ends the “Musical Capital” will make you move in the beats of jazz, folk and indie rock music.


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