Top 10 Family Destinations In America

Vacations are the best time to bring back the bond in the family. In America, there is an endless list of places which are perfect for a weekend vacation. But the choice can be a stressful task, thus we bring a list of 10 best and affordable family destinations in the country to make some wonderful memories with the loved ones.

1. Yellowstone

Take your kids to the hiking trails and have an adventurous vacation time with family. Nature’s beauty is undoubtedly beautiful. The lakes and mountains will welcome you and the gushes of hot water springs will give you the calmness of mind. Yellowstone is a home for many wildlife species like buffalo, elf’s and you can even see the grizzlies in the area. This place needs an ample time to be explored. Visitor’s crowd can be seen in the summer season, which is the most preferred time to explore the widely spread forest and dramatic peaks of mountains.


2. Orlando – Walt Disney World

A vacation with the little kiddos can take a perfect arch amidst the fun adventurous rides and Disney characters. The childhood is celebrated with enthusiasm in Orlando’s Disney World. The theme park will take you to the magical school of Hogwarts, or the beautiful fairyland standing at one place only. The notion of age will vanish as the park has a long list of things for every age group.


3. Yosemite

Find your way with the family to this beautiful landscape where the intriguing beauty of nature will leave you enchanted. The Yosemite National Park will give you the best experience of an adventurous vacation. Even the kids can go for hiking with the local adventure outfitters. The roar of the water falling down the cliff, the sky touching sequoia trees and the amazing rock formations will make you visit this place again.


4. Anaheim – Disneyland

The entrance of the Disneyland welcomes you with a promise of thrill and adventure inside its boundaries. This place has been entertaining the little kids with the Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters. The thrilling rides will take you to the world of amazement as it serves every age group. And if the crowd suffocates you, take your car and drive with your family to the beautiful beaches in the Southern California where you can make some memorable memories with your loved ones amidst the cool breeze and warm sand of the beaches.

Anaheim – Disneyland

5. Myrtle Beach

Getaway from the commotion of the town on the weekends to enjoy a peaceful time along the blue waves of the ocean. Myrtle Beach is stretched at 60-mile area, where you can spend a budget-friendly vacation with your family. The kids can have a great time in the adventure parks which the place boast about. Apart from the adventurous fun, you can go on a shopping spree in the outlet malls in the vicinity.

Myrtle Beach

6. Acadia National Park

Plan an excursion with your family in the cliffs of the mountain. Acadia national park is a budget friendly family vacation spot where you can experience many adventurous activities. Go for hiking in the cliffs or take your bike to the mountain peaks. Capture the beauty of this rugged national park and enforce the adrenaline rush to explore the cliffs.

Acadia National Park

7. Colorado Springs

You cannot miss the scenic beauty of the Colorado Rockies. This place is known for its picturesque view which gives a serene feeling inside. If you want a break from the hectic lifestyle to bring your family to this town where the calmness will trench all your tensions leaving you delighted from inside.

Colorado Springs

8. Chicago, Illinois

This city may not sound perfect for the kids, but the place has variants of places for the little kiddos to venture around. The Lincoln Park, a zoo which takes in children for free and the Navy Pier which you cannot miss. Let your kids learn the history in the children’s museum and have some thrilling fun on the 150ft high Ferris wheel.

Chicago, Illinois

9. Williamsburg

As you step in Williamsburg, a small town in Virginia you can feel the air of the 18th century. This living museum will give you the real feeling of that era. The costumes of that time, traditional chores and farm work will give a knowledge of that time to your little ones. The horse carriage is another gem in this historic town which will take you on a ride to the unique places in the vicinity.


10. Vancouver, British Columbia

Take a stroll in the woods under the warmth of the sun in Vancouver. This place has a moderate weather which makes it perfect to visit any time of the year. The Stanley Park will give you a forest walk and if you want to rest for a while you can explore the Vancouver Aquarium and interact with the animals. The place doesn’t end here as you can also take a ferry ride to the Granville Island. This place will complete your family vacation.

Vancouver, British Columbia

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