5 Must Do Things In Garden Grove, CA

Garden Grove is located in Orange County in California. It is well known because of the Garden Grove Strawberry Festival that is held annually over the Memorial Day weekend. This is the largest festival that is held in the Western United States and it celebrates the agricultural past of the city.

There Are Lots Of Things To See And Explore In Garden Grove Which Makes This Place A Complete Family Destination:

1. Crystal Cathedral

The Crystal cathedral is a popular site in the city of Garden Grove. This is a famous church building of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange.

It is a beautiful reflective glass building and the church has a seating capacity of 2736 people.

It was built in the year 1981 and was the largest glass building in the world. The building also stores the Hazel Wright Memorial Organ which is the largest musical instrument in the world.

Crystal Cathedral

2. The GEM Theatre

For those who love plays and theatre shows, the GEM Theatre is a must visit during a stay in Garden Grove. The theatre is an old building but well maintained and clean. The prices are also very reasonable and the performance exceptional.

The actors are professional and the plays are very entertaining and well directed.

The seating in the theatre is comfortable with cushioned chairs and with a lot of leg space. Every seat in the theatre offers a good view of the stage.

The GEM Theatre

3. Atlantis Play Center

The Atlantis Park Center in Garden Grove is a must visit if you are here with kids. Your kids are going to have a blast and would thank you for bringing them here. There are concrete animals or sea serpent slides. Apart from these, there are also climbers and swings.

There is a lot of free areas where the family can have a picnic.

The park has a special area where birthday parties can be conducted. There is also a splash pad for your little ones to enjoy. This park is the perfect place to spend a day.

Atlantis Play Center

4. Stanley Ranch Museum & Historical Village

The Stanley Ranch Museum and Historical village tour is given on the first and the third Sunday of the month. It is a beautiful experience to see the homes and buildings from historical times that were saved from being demolished. The light post that you spot in the parking lot is the original light post that was saved from demolition.

You should take the time to walk and pay homage to the plaques of the veterans of World War II.

The interesting things to see on the tour are the original bell that belonged to the one room house school, a replica of the water tower, a huge red barn, the replica of the Garden Grove fire department and the post office building. You can also see the garage that was owned by Robert Disney. Walt Disney used this studio to perfect the animation machine. The place is so historic that one is sure to be completely immersed in its history.

Stanley Ranch Museum & Historical Village

5. Festival Amphitheatre

The Festival Amphitheatre is the only performing arts organization in Orange County and is home to Orange County Shakespeare. The theatre produces classics and has also been bestowed with many awards. There is an outdoor seating for events. It is used for concerts, performances, workshops, and lectures. You may want to visit this place to see some plays or musical performances.

Festival Amphitheatre

Garden Grove is a great place to enjoy the nightlife. There are bars and pubs in the city where you can grab a drink when you stay here. You may also like to go shopping to buy some gifts and souvenirs to take back home. Garden Grove is the ideal place for a short family vacation.

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