Top 10 Places To Visit In Nauru, Australia

Australia is a favourite place for the tourists. This is an amazing place rich with cultural, social and scenic beauty which never fails to attract numerous tourists. Nauru is an amazing rock island which is a centre point for the tourists and visitors for the rich history, amazing sights, beautiful landscapes, glorious waters and other such assets. You can have amazing cruise experience while sailing in the amazing waters of the islands, go for a mountain climbing, go to visit the stunning valleys and get your day enriched while watching the best scenic beauty of this amazing place. If you are planning for a trip, you must consider these amazing places to visit in Nauru which would enhance your experience of having a stunning vacation.

Go Through This Awesome List And Move To The Most Stunning Places Of Nauru:

1. Go For Mountain Climbing

Nauru is filled with chain of mountains which would make you fall in love with the scenic beauty of this awesome place. This mesmerising hills and mountains of Nauru would give you some unexplainable pleasure which you would never forget. Especially if you are with the group of your friends, you would love the amazing trip while climbing the stunning markets and chain of hills in Nauru.

Mountain Climbing

2. Go For A Stunning Cruise Ride

This place has amazing harbours from where you can go for a cruise ride. The stunning cruises of Nauru are the best in Australia which would provide you all the basic and luxurious amenities. The stunning cruises would make you fall in love with the calm and deep waters of Nauru’s oceans. If you want to go for a dinner or lunch date with your spouse, this s the best way you can have a cherish able time.

Stunning Cruise Ride

3. Visit The Sydney Bridge

People love to visit this iconic ad standard bridge of Sydney. This amazing Sydney harbour beach is a designer and architectural masterpiece which people die to see. If you are a geek chi or just want to visualise and watch the amazing and stunning masterpiece, you can visit this place and get a view of this fascinating bridge.

Sydney Bridge

4. Go For The Yarra Valley Trip

The valleys are the most stunning and gorgeous places to visit in Nauru and Australia. This place is filled with rich and huge valleys which would make you fall in love with the scenic beauty of this place. Get to this flawless valley where you would find those dramatic wineries, have some wine tasting, also you can enjoy sitting in those traditional and vintage steam trains and have a lot of fun.

Yarra Valley Trip

5. Visit The Stunning Oceans

Oceans are the best places to visit and witness in Nauru. Australia is full of water and this makes it completely desirable and adorable. The stunning and beautiful view of the peaceful and calm water would make you fall in love with Nauru. Visit this awesome place and have watched the oceans during late night and get relaxed.

Stunning Oceans

6. Visit Australian War Memorial

If you love to visit the cultural places, you must visit the iconic place in Nauru which is the Australian war memorial. Here you would be able to get details regarding the Australian weapons, the war related theories and sculptures. You must go to this place if you are looking forward to increase your knowledge for Australia.

Australian War Memorial

7. Go For A Coastal Walk

The coast and beach walks are always pleasing and rejuvenating. Nothing can be so calming and pleasing than those amazing beach walks. Put your shoes aside walk o the amazing coast of bondi and walk through coogee beach with your spouse on the stunning romantic date and you would never forget these amazing moments.

Coastal Walk

8. Kings Park And Botanic Garden

If you are a lover of flowers and plants and always find a garden anywhere you go, here is a pleasing space for you were you can go and showcase your love for the beautiful plants. The amazing botanic garden and kings park is full of such flowers and different varieties of plants which you would have never heard of.

Kings Park And Botanic Garden

9. Sydney Opera House

The iconic opera house is something which you must not forget, the stunning and glorifying place of opera is the most visited place by the tourists, this is the place where you can grab the opportunity to get the glimpse of the drama and art and get a memorable experience.

Sydney Opera House

10. Whitehaven Beach

Love the stunning beaches? We too love the flowing and cool water of the beaches. The amazing sunbaths with beautiful and glorious Jacuzzis give such a dreamy feel. Nothing can give you such an amazing experience as these beach visits would.

Whitehaven Beach

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