Top 10 Things To Do In Papua New Guinea, Australia

Papua New Guinea is a beautiful place located in Australia. The stunning and beautiful place is surrounded with numerous islands wand archipelagos which would steal your heart. If you are planning for a vacation or trip this season, you must consider this awesome place in Australia. This place is full of scenic beauty, the stunning beaches, and the mesmerising oceans and landscaped which would steal your heart. If you love travelling and visiting the beautiful and natural scenic places, this is a place where you must go. You will get a glimpse of some of the finest cultural diversity, historic places, festivals and occasions and beautiful sights once you visit Papau New Guinea.

Here Is A List T Of The Most Stunning And Beautiful Places To Visit In Papau New Guinea:

1. Visit Kokoda Track

This is a stunning option which you can consider while in papau New Guinea. The best thing you can do here is go for hiking, if n the fun environment and a pleasing day, you would love to have a hiking experience in this place. If you love adventure sports and love hiking, you must go to this awesome place for having a stunning hiking experience with your friends or family.

Kokoda Track

2. Visit Bomana War Cemetery

If you like to get a bit historical and would like to watch the cemetery and the war space, you must visit the place. It has the graves of the soldiers which died during the Bomana war. This huge place is extremely moving and emotional and reminds of the war where a lot of people and soldiers lost their lives.

Bomana War Cemetery

3. Visit The Port Moresby Park

If you love to visit zoos and such national parks, you would surely love to visit this awesome and stunning nature park. A stunning bulk of animals and delightful greenery everywhere would steal your hart. This national park would get you in touch with stunning wild life and the variety of animals and birds you have never seen. The beauty of this place is just unexplainable and the fun is endless. Visit this awesome place and enrich your trip experience.

The Port Moresby Park

4. Visit National Parliament House

The national parliament house is just a stunning option to see if you like to get into the historic affairs of the country. This huge building of the national parliament is just stunning and would amaze you. The architecture and the people serving and guiding you would b extremely supportive and pleasing. You would love this experience to visit this awesome place and grab some knowledge about the Australian parliament.

National Parliament House

5. Visit Mendi River

This amazing river is such a beautiful option to cover. This is a huge river of papau genuia where you would just love to go. You can have a stunning fishing experience while sitting on the river end of this amazing river and enhance your sunny day experience. Go to this awesome and beautiful place and relax while fishing on the beautiful river end.

Mendi River

6. Kokopo War Museum

The war museum consists of all the war elements. This is the most traditional and old sites which was built so long ago. This place has a huge garden, the huge museum area which so consists of the information regarding the war and the weapons, the instruments and arms used in the war. Go to this place and enhance your historic knowledge.

Kokopo War Museum

7. Kuk Early Agricultural Site

If you love to visit some agricultural sites, this is a stunning option which you can consider. The awesome place of papau geniua has a stunning agricultural site where you would find a lot of industries. You must visit this place if you have a keen interest in knowing the wide spreader secret behind the agriculture of Australia.

Kuk Early Agricultural Site

8. Kitava Island

Islands are always fun to visit. This amazing island of kitava located in Australia, is such a stunning place o visit. You would love the beaches and would enjoy the cost walk with your spouse and have a great time. Go to this awesome and stunning place and enhance your experience of visiting this stunning place.

Kitava Island

9 National Museum And Art Gallery

If you love the museum and like to appreciate the arts, sculptures and painting masterpieces, you must visit this awesome art gallery. Here you would find the creations of the most stunning and adorable artists which would melt your heart. Visit this awesome place and you would get in love with the amazing creations.

National Museum And Art Gallery

10. Wahgi River

River ends are the best place to spend the vacations. This amazing river in papau genuia is so stunning and glorifying which would never fail to grab your attention. You can go for a stunning boat ride or sailing into this amazing river and enhance your vacation experience to Australia.

Wahgi River

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