10 Things To Do In Guinea-Bissau


Guinea Bissau, a stunning place in the western Africa is just a stunner. If you want a pleasing and rocking trip, you must plan to visit this mesmerising place. This awesome place is simply studded with beautiful archipelagos, stunning islands, varied and glorious wildlife and marine life, beautiful and stunning cruise and boat rides and much more for a memorable trip. If you are planning to visit this glorious place, here are some awesome places which to\you must visit and have a fantastic experience and a rich and cherish able trip.

1. Go For Camping On The Stunning Islands And Archipelagos

This is a beautiful idea which the tourists follow while travelling to the awesome guinea Bissau. This awesome place is rich and is filled with numerous and stunning islands and archipelagos which would make your trip more memorable and cherish able. Go for camps on the awesome island s and archipelagos where you can have some stunning views of the landscapes and the local natural beauty which you would never forget.

2. Visit Orango National Park

If you love to watch and have a glimpse of the wildlife and the stunning species of birds and animals, you must go and have a visit at this amazing national park. This amazing place located in the western Africa would have a range of animal and bird species which would make you go crazy. You must visit this awesome and beautiful national park where you can watch the huge and active chimpanzees roaming all over.

3. Dance In The Stunning And Rocking Carnival

This awesome place has a mind blowing carnival in the months of March and February where you can go and have a stunning experience. Dance on the streets, watch the cultural diversity and glory of this amazing African place and fall in love with this beautiful and stunning place. If you are a fun loving person who loves to enjoy the cultural diversity and festivals of various places, you must and absolutely visit this breathtaking place and have a memorable experience.

4. Go For A Coast Walk On The Beach

This stunning pair of islands has some mesmerising and cool beaches you ever have dreamt of visiting. The breathtakingly beautiful and scenic waters of these awesome islands would make you fall in love with this place. A walk on the beaches of sao Domingos with your spouse on the late nights would give you such aromatic and pleasing experience.

5. Visit Bissau

This amazing capital of guinea Bissau is amazing and dynamic and would never fail to give you such immense joy and fun. One a one fine day of your trip explore the stunning city of Bissau and get all the dazzling experiences of visiting the most stunning coffee bars, the cool Mediterranean style streets, the amazing and vintage style houses. We assure you would simply love to roam in the streets of this awesome place.

6. Go For Fishing

Fishing is just as pleasing and calming as the vacations, the vacations and trips and incomplete if you visit such amazing archipelagos and islands and do not go for fishing. This awesome place with a stunning location called island of babaque would make you fall in love with this place. You can catch a ferry which would drop you to this mesmerising and deep location where you can have a lots of fun while fishing with your friends or family.

7. Watch The Stunning And Huge Hippos

The cool and most stunning wildlife of Africa includes the heavy and cool hippo potamus which would make you fall in love with this amazing place. The cool and stunning island of orange ids filled with the huge group of amazing hippos which would give you a fantastic and memorable experience. Watch the style and swag of the marine hippos and fall you would never want to come back. Go for a memorable bat trip to the cool anoor lagoon and spot these wild and giant hippos and have fun.

8. Visit Llha De Bubaque

This is the most stunning and beautiful town of Bissau. This is the transportation hub of the country from where you can move to different islands and places while on your trip. The stunning beach of Praia Bruce would make you feel extremely fresh and stunning. Visit this awesome place and have your amazing drinks while resting on the Jacuzzis.

9. Visit Casa Rosa Amlicar Cabral Museum

This awesome museum would get you familiar to the history and tradition of the stunning place of guinea Bissau. This awesome museum located in bafata would please you with stunning historic information if you are a lover of the history and culture of different countries.

10. Quinhamel

If you want to have a glimpse of the beautiful large and endless oceans, beautiful landscapes and awesome beaches, you must visit this marvellous place, this place is filled with beautiful waters where you can have a mesmerising and glorious boat and ferry trip and explore the marine life and variation of west Africa.

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