10 Best Places To Visit In Equatorial Guinea

Volcanoes, stunning islands, beautiful and inspirational Spanish colonial architecture, beautiful tropical forests and jungles, amazing beaches, and varied animal species are the iconic signature things and features of this amazing place.

The beautiful and dazzling place in Equatorial Guinea, located in the dense and stunning country of Africa, is a tourist place worth visiting. This amazing place is filled with such natural and the cultural diversity which would simply steal your heart.

1. Malabo, A Heavenly Place To Visit

Malabo, A Heavenly Place To Visit

If you want to have a glimpse of the beautiful and stunning places in Equatorial Guinea, you must visit this amazing place. The world famous cathedral of Santa Isabel, the beautiful and remarkable cultural centre, the beautiful mid century homes and such amazing catchy and tempting locations and sights are available at just this mesmerising place. Visit Malabo and discover how rich and varied a place can be!

2. Monte Alen National Park

Monte Alen National Park

This is a stunning place for the animal and birds lovers. This amazing safari experience would just never let you step out of this place. The dense and beautiful national park filled and rich with the most stunning and glorious species of wild animals would make you go crazy and excited. You can watch the gracious elephants, gorillas, chimpanzees, crocodiles, huge hippos and each of the giant and stunning wild life creatures.

3. Visit Moka Valley

Visit Moka Valley

This amazing valley has breathtaking and scenic views which would make you feel so fresh and excited. This beautiful tow of moca, blessed with a beautiful valley and stunning scenic views is just mesmerising. The cloud touching peaks of the mountains and the deep valleys would just look marvellous and glorious during the adorable sunrises and sunsets.

4. Bata Cathedral

Bata Cathedral

This amazing cathedral is the part of a church and other three cathedrals. This beautiful place is rich and showcases the rich heritage of the place. If you love to visit various beautifully designed and sculpted cathedrals, you must visit this awesome cathedral and fall in love with this beautiful place.

5. Arena Blanca

Arena Blanca

This awesome beach would just give you such amazing views and experience which you would never forget. The stunning and pleasant weather of this place is filled with the positive and pleasing vibes which would glorify your complete trip experience. Visit this amazing beach and have the stunning sunbath while enjoying the free and blissful days of your vacations.

6. Mbini


This beautiful place near the river benoti is just scenic and simply stunning. This awesome town is very well known for the delicious and stunning sea food it serves. What can be a more stunning and beautiful experience the visiting this glorious riverside town and enjoying the amazing sea food.

7. Elobey Grande

Elobey Grande

This divine and blissful island on the banks of the river mitemele is just so lucrative and attractive. This amazing example of the traditional Spanish territory is just flawless and beautiful. The water of this amazing island is simply pure and immensely divine. Visit this flawless place and enhance your trip experience making it more memorable and stunning.

8. Pico Basile

Pico Basile

This immensely beautiful area surrounded with the sky touching hills and the breathtaking greenery would just steal your heart and would never want you leave this stunning place. This stunning island of Bioko is just awesome and would get you all the beautiful and scenic pleasure. The amazing volcanoes and the beautiful paths and tracks would simply make you fall in love with the\is mesmerising place.

9. Elobey Chico

Elobey Chico

This beautiful island on the shore of the Mitemele River is fascinating enough to drag you to this awesome place. The beauty of this place is simply unexplainable with the beautiful location the wonderful and scenic visions. You can go boating in the mils and calm waters of this stunning place and have such a memorable and stunning experience.

10. Iglesia De San Fernando

Iglesia De San Fernando

If you love to visit the cathedrals and churches, here is a stunning masterpiece church which would open the books of historic guinea you would love to read. This amazing church has the ancient and beautiful décor which looks the best during the Christmas and festivals. Visit this amazing place in your vacations and you would fall in love with Equatorial Guinea.

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