10 Top Places To Visit In Guinea

Guinea is a country in the West Africa with abundance of natural beauty available in the place. Guinea is known for the beautiful scenic views that this place has to hold. Guinea is basically a Muslim country and so, one can experience a large diversion of Muslim culture in the buildings and infrastructure of the place. Guinea is located in the East of Benin with every kind of exotic species of plants and fauna found in the area. The people of the region are quite hospitable and they are ready to help people in all cases. Visitors can also find many kinds of adventurous activities that they can do in the region. Guinea is a really amazing place which has many top places to see and visit. Visitors will really be enthralled to be in the place.

Some Of The Top Places Located In Guinea Are Listed As Under:

1. Mount Nimba

Mount Nimba is located at a height of 5,700 feet with views of sea and the clouds from the mountains. The mountains are situated at a very great height. It is not possible to climb the mountain on your own and you are required to take a guide with you who can help you to move ahead and give you necessary details about the mountains. There is a village located nearby from where it becomes easy to go to Mount Nimba.

Mount Nimba

2. Cape Verga

Anyone in love with beaches, are sure to go to Cape Verga, who is just the best destination for beach lovers. When you visit Cape Verga, there are so many beaches in the area that you will totally fall in love with the place. Some of the most isolated beaches are Sobane and Bel Air Beach. The beaches are a tourist spot with many clubs and bars in the area. The nightlife of the area is quite good with many people visiting the beaches from different parts of the world.

Cape Verga

3. Grand Mosquée de Conakry

This mosque is the fourth largest mosque in the world. The men and women are given separate places in the mosque. Many other people also visit the mosque every year. In that case, there is extra space for people in the mosque so that other worshippers also get a chance to get into the mosque and pray to God. One thing lacking in the mosque is that it should be maintained properly as it is a cultural heritage of the place.

Grand Mosquée de Conakry

4. Fouta Djallon

The landscape of Fouta Djallon is just fantastic and amazing with the combination of rolling grasslands, peaks, canyons and every other activity in all areas of the region. There are many opportunities available for visitors to see new places and sightseeing. Trekking is possible in this place and the region also holds some of the beautiful fountains. The environment of the place is calm and composed for all age groups.

Fouta Djallon

5. National Museum

With many great art and artefacts located in Guinea, South Africa is a treasure of culture and tradition. The tradition of Guinea is very precisely depicted in National Museum. With many different cultures that can be found in the National Museum, visitors are sure to like the place. They can take pictures and spend some quality time in the Museum.

National Museum

6. Ureca

The best thing about Ureca is the turtles that come up to the shore as soon as they experience the dry season. The turtles differ in their species and they are unique in their own style. The coastal scenery of the place is very beautiful with many activities designed for the visitors like hiking, jungle safari, etc. Swimming is also allowed in Ureca.


7. Bata

Bata is a very peaceful and calm city away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. The travellers can feel more like home when they are in this region because of the better electricity, small markets nearby and newer roads on which people can travel easily. Fresh fish is available in the markets and people can try on the local dresses of the region.


8. Moca Valley

Moca Valley is a tourist attraction where people can experience a lot of natural beauty in the form of hills, mountains, and many other such scenic views. Moca Valley is famous for the variety of species of monkeys that people seem to get in this region. The town of Moca is also nearby where people can go and get to know the history of the place.

Moca Valley

9. Evinayong

Evinayong is a place which is close to Bata and this place is a bit far away from the city life. The region has certain unique places to explore nearby the area. There are certain secluded waterfalls in the area which are really very beautiful.


10. Monte Alen National Park

This National Park is all about the tropical rainforests located in the region. Exotic species of monkeys, elephants, and other animals are found here. The villagers are trained so that they can guide the visitors inside the park.

Monte Alen National Park

These are some of the places to visit in Guinea.

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