9 Things To Do In Lapland, Finland

Lappish Finland is the ultimate destination for honeymooners or those on a family vacation or holidaying with friends. It is the northernmost part of Finland and is considered to be a winter wonderland. Lapland experiences 24 hours of daylight in the summers which is replaced by dark winter days.

1. Stay In An Igloo

Your dream of staying in an igloo comes true in Lapland, Finland. The Kakslauttanean Arctic Resort lets you immerse in the world of igloos where you can opt to stay in glass igloos. The resort is situated in a remote place in Saariselka, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. And who knows if you are lucky you may be able to catch a glimpse of the northern lights from the igloo itself. The resort also offers other accommodation categories like snow igloos and log chalets. It is an experience to be remembered for a lifetime, where you sleep under the stars or see the northern lights dancing above you when you stay in the igloo.

Stay In An Igloo

2. Northern Lights

The most spectacular show, the Northern Lights Show can be seen on around 200 nights a year in Lapland. Also known as the Aurora Borealis, this natural display of lights can be seen in the Antarctic and the Arctic regions. The lights are visible on clear nights away from the city lights. Seeing the colourful Northern lights is an experience that can be enjoyed in Lapland.

Northern Lights

3. Husky Safari

Husky Safari is an exciting this to do during your stay in Lapland. Steer the huskies and sled through the wilderness when you are drawn by the friendly dogs. Enjoy the wild when you take the husky safari. You may either opt to take the safari during the day or go on an overnight adventure safari.

Husky Safari

4. Reindeer Safari

Take a relaxed trip into nature, the way Santa Claus would, when you take a Reindeer safari. It is a great way to connect and talk to the local Sami people, who would take you around.

Reindeer Safari

5. Snowmobile Safari

Get an adrenaline rush when you take the Snowmobile safari to explore the nature in Lapland. Ride through the snowy forests to experience the best that nature has to offer in Lapland.  The adventure freak can also opt for an overnight snowmobile safari.

Snowmobile Safari

6. Sleigh Rides And Horse Riding

Exploring Lapland on horseback is worth trying. One does not need to know how to ride a horse to experience this activity. It is fun and can be enjoyed by children too.
Sleigh rides are also very enjoyable where a horse pulls a sleigh and lets you explore the wilderness of Finnish Lapland.

Sleigh Rides And Horse Riding

7. Ice Fishing

An out of the world experience is to go ice fishing on Lake Inarinjarvi. Search and empty the fishing nets with the help of a local guide.

Ice Fishing

8. Snowboarding And Skiing

Enjoy the adventurous activities of snowboarding and skiing in Lapland. There are slopes or varying difficulties where you can try this winter sport.

Snowboarding And Skiing

9. Santa Claus Village

Visit Santa Claus village in Rovaneimi in Lapland, Finland. Meet Santa Claus at his official home any time of the year. The Santa Park is Santa’s home cavern where you get to meet the cheerful elves. A place which is loved by kids and adults alike, the Santa Claus village is a must visit in Lapland.There is so much to see and explore here in Lapland that it is impossible to do everything on a single visit. While all the seasons have their own charm, Lapland is best visited during the winters.

Santa Claus Village

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