5 Must Do Things Lisieux, France

A well-known pilgrimage site in France, Lisieux, is the capital of Pays d’Auge. The town is beautiful with farmlands and valleys. The town is situated in Lower Normandy and can be reached by road, train, plane, and ferry. There are some interesting places in Lisieux that should definitely not be missed during your stay here.

1. Cathedrale Saint-Pierre De Lisieux:

The Cathedrale Saint-Pierre de Lisieux, also known as the Lisieux Cathedral, is a heritage building that has beautiful windows and an atmosphere that is wonderful. It is a Roman Catholic Church and was built in the year 1170. It was once the seat of the Bishop of Lisieux. It has an edifice that measures 110 meters and is today a national monument. The building has a very rich history and is a must visit when in Lisieux. It is informative and one should take time to visit this place.

Cathedrale Saint-Pierre De Lisieux

2. Sanctuaire Sainte Therese:

This is a Roman catholic church and is dedicated to Saint Theresa of Lisieux. The large basilica is capable of accommodating 4000 people at one time and the place is also the second largest site for pilgrimage in France. The place is spectacular and enormous in size. The inside stuns you with the colorful mosaic. You can also purchase some religious souvenirs at the entrance to take back home. The place is situated on a hill just outside the city.

Sanctuaire Sainte Therese

3. Carmel De Lisieux:

The Carmel De Lisieux is an important stop in the town of Lisieux. This is where St Teresa spent time as a nun and was later buried. The place completely moves you and is something that should not be missed. The place also has a museum. You can see the body of St. Theresa here. The place is located in the city of Lisieux and. You can either spend time praying in the chapel or go around the rose garden outside.

 Carmel De Lisieux

4. Chateau De Saint-germain-de-livet:

The Chateau de Saint-Germain-de-Livet is a commune which was built by Tournebu between the years 1561 and 1578. The place is open to public and is worth a visit. You can visit the place for free on Sundays. The building is very attractive and is set in a garden. You can also spot peacocks walking around. You can take a guided tour inside. The front as well as the entrance of the building are set in a moat and are interesting to see. Once you enter the gate you would be able to see a timber framed manor which is a typical style that can be found in this area. You can see amazing frescoes as well as rooms with beautiful furniture. The painted wooden ceiling is also very attractive.

Chateau De Saint-germain-de-livet

5. Jardin De L’Eveche:

The Jardin de L’Eveche is also known as the Jardin botanique de Limoges and is a botanical garden in Lisieux. It is situated behind the cathedral and is open to public daily. Established in the 18th century, the garden was renovated in the year 1976.You can spot the Vienne River and the organized gardens from the terraces. The garden has many medicinal, food, fodder, aromatic and industrial and dye plants.

Jardin De L'Eveche

Apart from churches and parks, you can also relax in a spa, watch a movie in a cinema or shop at Galerie l’Eveil des Arts. You may also wish to attend some concerts and shows during your stay in Lisieux or enroll for a painting class by an expert when you are here.

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