8 Fabulous Things To Do In Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is one of the most dynamic cities of France. This beautiful port city is located along the banks of the Garonne River. This city is renowned for its stellar wines. There are numerous architectural gems which dazzle in all their glory here. To discover some of the exceptional things you can do in this city, read on.

Here Are 8 Fabulous Things To Do In Bordeaux:

1. Tour The Imposing Bordeaux Cathedral:

Bordeaux Cathedral or St. Andre Cathedral, an imposing Roman Catholic Church, looms protectively over the Bordeaux skyline. Bordeaux Cathedral is located in the heart of this scenic wine growing region. This religious monument is also the seat of the Archbishop of Bordeaux. The architectural extravagance of its facade is echoed beautifully in its interiors as well. Some noteworthy interior design elements of this church include its stunning single nave, the long choir book-ended by the choir aisles, the five exquisite chapels which radiate outwards from an ambulatory, the marvelous ribbed vaults and the jewel toned stained windows. Another striking architectural feature of the megalithic structure is its two towers which soar heavenwards to a height of nearly 81 meters.

Bordeaux Cathedral

2. Explore The Gorgeous Place De La Bourse:

Place De La Bourse or Place Royale, a UNESCO world heritage site, is a dramatic historic structure which faces the mighty Garonne River. This brilliant architectural jewel was designed by Ange- Jacques Gabriel. The construction of this evocative structure which started in 1730 stretched all the way to 1775. This complex is an unbroken chain of identical buildings which beautifully frames the river. At the heart of this square, the beautiful fountain of the ‘Three Graces’ stands tall. This fountain has been painstakingly brought to life through the extensive usage of bronze and marble. At night when this architectural marvel is all lit up, it literally rivals the beauty of the stars in the sky.

Gorgeous Place De La Bourse

3. Stroll Across Pont De Pierre:

Pont De Pierre or Stone Bridge is yet another impressive, architectural spectacle of this region. Commissioned by Napoleon and inaugurated in 1822, this mighty bridge connects the left bank of the powerful Garonne river to its right bank. One of the noteworthy architectural features of this bridge is its 17 arches, which is supposed to stand for each of the letters in Napoleon Bonaparte’s name. A stroll across this bridge allows one to enjoy some of the finest views of the city.

Stroll Across Pont De Pierre

4. Study The Stunning Artifacts At Musee D’aquitaine:

Musee d’Aquitaine or the Museum of Aquitaine is one of the largest museums outside Paris. This brilliant museum is a vast repository of priceless documents and objet d’art which have been painstakingly collected from across Bordeaux and Aquitaine. This museum has a beautiful collection of artifacts which showcases the archaeology, ethnography and history of this region from prehistoric times all the way to the modern ages. To make your trip to this museum an enriching experience you can sign up for film screenings, guided tours, lecture cycles and educational workshops.

Artifacts At Musee D’aquitaine

5. Visit Le Jardin Botanique De Bordeaux:

Jardin Botanique de Bordeux or the Botanical Garden of Bordeaux, is a dazzling municipal botanical garden. This oasis of greenery is located in Bardineaux. The location of the botanical garden has undergone a series of changes since its inception in the 17th century. This garden is a skillful display of different gardening styles. One can stroll through the meticulously landscaped water garden or visit the beautiful greenhouses. The garden also has wonderful arboretum. The botanical garden also holds numerous temporary exhibitions throughout the year.

 Jardin Botanique De Bordeaux

6. Gaze At the Monument Aux Girodins:

Monument Aux Girodins comprises of a strikingly beautiful fountain and towering column topped by a statue of liberty breaking away the chains. This monument was constructed between 1894 and 1902 in honor of the Girodins of the Revolution. This centrally located monument is popular with locals and tourists alike.

7. Watch A Ballet At Opera National De Bordeaux:

Opera National de Bordeaux is one of the finest cultural sites of this region. Inaugurated on 17th April 1780, this elegant theater has staged some of the finest ballet performances not just in France, but internationally. The Opera National de Bordeaux functions out of a marvelously elegant edifice. This theater stages masterly performances which are intended for people of all ages. The performances range from classic to modern and even hip-hop dances.

Opera National De Bordeaux

8. Sail Down Garonne:

A river cruise down the mighty Garonne River is one of the finest ways to enjoy the sights of Bordeaux. You can choose to cruise the length of this river aboard a boat, barge or a sail boat. Exploring the numerous canals of this river allows one to observe the many world heritage sites and beautiful vineyards which line the banks of this river. If you want to spend some more time exploring this gorgeous river you can even sign for a six night cruise trip.

Sail Down Garonne

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