9 Best Tourist Attraction In New Hampshire

New Hampshire; this tourist attraction in New England is famous for more than one reason. From its short lengthed 18 miles sea coast to the beaches, kayaking waters, mountain ringed lakes, hiking abodes, historic houses and so much more, this place is easily accessible and is popular among kids and adults alike. Thus, here we have come with some of the best tourist attractions in the area- New Hampshire you would not like to miss when you visit the place.

Some Of The Best Of The Lot In New Hampshire Are Discussed Below:

1. StrawberyBanke

Known as Portsmouth in today’s times, StrawberyBlanke was the first 1623 settlement and now houses a museum which speaks loud of its history and culture. This place is enlightened with historical and musical programs giving one and all a peek into the earlier times this place has encountered through the eras.


2. Portsmouth Harbour Trail And The Historical Homes

These houses are just by the waterfront and the harbour and are the site where more than seventy historical sites of the region are based and located at. Even though all are historical and significant, the Warner House is worth a mention which was constructed in 1716. It showcases the oldest wall of conical paintings and the Queen Anne furnishings as well.

Portsmouth Harbour Trail And The Historical Homes

3. Mt. Washington Valley Ski Resorts And North Conway

The North Conway and Mt. Washington Valley Ski Resorts is the foremost ski resort in entire America and is a well- known ski resort in the world. This mountain resort offers a great view of the Mt. Washington basin and offers the best of the services such as skiing, sleigh rides , sledding, snowshoeing and et al. Apart from the skiing experience ranging from easy to difficult most, this place is also known for its tax free shopping experience.

Mt. Washington Valley Ski Resorts And North Conway

4. Lake Winnipesaukee

Lake Winnipesaukee is located on the southern part of the White Mountains and is the focus of the lake regions in New Hampshire for sure. This place is great for all kinds of family activities ranging from swimming, boating, historical cruise experience, kids parks, eateries and many more and is a great spot to be in the summer season.

Lake Winnipesaukee

5. Currier Museum Of Art & Zimmerman House

The significance of the 11, 000 plus works of painting and furnitures are a treasure that this Currier Museum of Art speaks of and where along with great painters, work of the White Mountain School of Artists are also preserved and showcased. A part of this museum is the Zimmerman House which is a living example of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian homes and is the only one which is designed by him in the whole of New England.

Currier Museum Of Art & Zimmerman House

6. Lost River Gorge

It was during the Ice age that glaciers covered the White Mountains and when it melted later on formed this natural treasure hove where the lost river is all about water disappearing into various caves and cavines and then appears again in form of waterfalls and stream all through. Open to public for exploration, this place also beholds a suspension bridge which leads one to a 750 foot boardwalk via a glacier boulder field as well.

Lost River Gorge

7. Mt. Washington Cog Railway

The Mt. Washington Cog Railway is the easiest commute method for a tourist to reach the highest peak in the northern Appalachians which is more than 6000 feet above the deal level has been helping tourists commute from 169. Definitely one of its kinds, the experience of the travel and the view from the top is irreplaceable.

Mt. Washington Cog Railway

8. Mt. Monadnock

This might be a splendid experience while at New Hampshire and is due to being the world’s most climbed mountain ranges due to it being easily climbable, lovely view from the summit and is the home to many serene and small villages and churches at the base which are breath-taking in their own ways.

Mt. Monadnock

9. Hampton Beach

Even though this region has the shortest of beach range in terms of surface area, the Hampton Beach is extremely popular among tourists and offers you spectacular view and eatery experiences for sure.

Hampton Beach

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