8 Spectacular Paragliding Sites In The World

The feeling of remaining high up in the sky and viewing natural wonders from such height transcends all other worldly feelings. Paragliding has enabled humans to traverse the sky just like birds and is essentially one of the greatest human feats. The idea of exploring a place from varying heights may seem frightening at first but is so addictive that once you take the plunge you’re hooked. So whether you are a first timer or have dived a couple of times in the past we have an amazing list of some of the most beautiful paragliding sites in the world to satisfy your thirst to fly high.

Here Are 8 Spectacular Paragliding Sites In The World:

1. Chamonix, France

Lying at the base of Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alpine region, Chamonix valley is the most favored destination for paragliding fanatics in Europe owing to its close proximity to the Alps.

The climatic conditions prevailing in the valley allow plenty of freedom for pilots to experiment with strong currents of wind while also relishing primal views of the magnificent Alps along the way.

Plus, a swift access to the various take off points via lifts in the mountain make for a truly rewarding experience. Since the place is mostly frequented by extreme adventure junkies from around the world one can witness many of them displaying their acrobatic skills in the sky which will be enough for anyone to feel inspired and take the plunge to rise high.

Chamonix, France

2. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Best known for its sublime beaches, Rio De Janeiro is another place that’s fast gaining popularity as a paragliding paradise.

A glide over this coastal city offers captivating views of mountains, sand and the sea.

The flights usually take off from the mountain top Pedra Bonita which can be reached from Copacabana beach in a half hour hike through a hiking trail. And once you take off you’ll be welcomed by soul stirring sights of forests of Tijuca National Park, Two brother’s mountain and Sao Conrado beach which also happens to be the landing point.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

3. Transfagarsan, Romania

Flying over The Transfagarsan road in Romania is one of a kind experience for extreme adrenaline seekers who plan to explore the breathtaking landscapes surrounding one of the best highways in the world. But mind you the paragliding here is strictly meant for pilots who are adept in flying in challenging conditions given the rugged slopes of the hills and cliffs adjoining the highway. Once you take off you’ll be thrilled to encounter heavenly sights of the Fagaras mountains, Balea Lake and narrow turns of the Transfagarsan road.

Transfagarsan, Romania

4. Olu Deniz, Turkey

One of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Olu Deniz in Turkey is also a famous paragliding spot. The beach sits close to the base of the famous Babadag Mountain from where the paragliders take off. It’s a surreal experience to watch terrific blue-green hues of the Mediterranean sea, the blue lagoon and stark white beach area where paragliders land. The whole journey takes not more than 45 minutes and if the weather’s clear enough one can get to view Rhode’s island in Greece.

Olu Deniz, Turkey

5. Point Of The Mountain, Utah

For those seeking to explore the barren lands from up above, Utah is the right place especially if you’re eager to hike up to the take-off points as the place is blessed with an exotic landscape which is a combination of rough terrains, desert and farmlands. The flying is done at Point of the Mountain near Salt Lake City in Utah. Recurrent and free flowing winds prevailing at the spot allow smooth take-offs and most pilots fly without an engine installed in the paraglider.

Point Of The Mountain, Utah

6. Queenstown, New Zealand

Popular for multifarious adventure activities that keep the place occupied with adrenaline freaks from various corners and drop-dead gorgeous surroundings, Queenstown in New Zealand is an excellent place to realize one’s paragliding dreams.

The town is located at the bank of Lake Wakatipu and is surrounded by Southern Alps.

The place is also famous for skyline gondola that takes people up till the Bob’s Peak which is the take-off point for paragliders. A flight from this place will please your senses with enthralling views of the lake, Mt. Remarkables range and neatly arranged buildings that stand tall in the heart of Queenstown.

Queenstown, New Zealand

7. Oahu, Hawaii

Paragliding over Oahu island in Hawaii is a great way to enjoy and discover this tropical land. The island is also home to Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii. The flight starts from Koolau Mountain which got decayed following a volcanic eruption that took place millions of years ago. The mountain can be reached by car or hiking along one of the many trails that lead to the top. And once you rise high from the edge of the mountain you’re gripped by remarkable feeling of flying past the lighthouse near Makappu beach, numerous cliffs, waterfalls and Honolulu.

Oahu, Hawaii

8. Lion’s Head, Cape Town

The apt location of Lion’s Head mountain in Cape Town makes for a wonderful flying experience for sky sailors. A one hour walk starting from Kloofnek road will take you to the foot of the mountain which lies between the popular Table Mountain and Signal Hill following which you can choose to hike up to the mountain top. The whole path is buzzing with signs to help hikers reach their destinations without any chance of getting lost during their journey. On reaching the top be ready to gather phenomenal views of the majestic Table Mountain, Camps Bay, the great Atlantic Ocean and the whole of Cape Town.

Lion's Head, Cape Town

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