8 Amazing Things To Do In Piacenza Italy

If you are a wine lover, then Piacenza is the place to visit for you. Piacenza is best known for the production of the wine, this place is located to the bank of the river Po and to the north side of the Italy, the population of this county is about the 1 lakh. Piacenza has a long history of about the 200 BC, when this place belongs to the great Roman empire because this is an agriculture land due to the flood of the river Po. As this is an ancient city, is has many monuments, churches, national parks and other things, so if you are on the vacation to the Italy, then you need to visit this place, here is the list of the amazing things that you can do in the Piacenza.

1. Gotico

The address to Gotico is piazza cavalli, 29121 Piacenza, Italy. If you love the style of the Lombard Gothic then Gotico is the best place to visit in the Piacenza, it is a beautiful place, there are total four building and there is the big place in between the buildings, the buildings is made up of the white and the red bricks. In the building you will get the shopping malls, café and other things. you will see the place is highly crowded always, the best time to visit this place is in the May and June.


2. Del Ducato Di Parma E Piacenza

Del Ducato is a castle which is located at the heart of the Piacenza, this castle was build in the 12th century, this building has the shape of the square and it is surrounded by the man made lake, now there are many restaurants and the coffee shops in it, you will get beautiful gardens in it, there are small fountains in it, people from many places come this place to see the sun set, you need to buy the tickets to visit this place.

Del Ducato Di Parma E Piacenza

3. Parco Della Galleana

Parco della galleana is park which is at the outer part of the Piacenza, you will get a small lake there with many water activities in it, you will get the beautiful parks in this place with the path to walk, this place is full of the natural vegetation, you will get almost all types of the flowers here, people from many places come to the central park in the sunny days, take the sunbath and enjoy the beautiful sightseeing of Piacenza.

Parco Della Galleana

4. Macelleria Callegari The Butcher La Carne Fa Sangue

If you really want to enjoy the delicious cuisine of the Piacenza, then you need to visit the macellaria callegar snague, the address to this place is the Stradone Farnese, 22, 29121 Piacenza, Italy. This restaurant serves you fresh meat because it has its own butchery house to the backyard, many parties has been organized with the famous artists daily to this place, if you are young couple then this is the best place to hang around.

Macelleria Callegari The Butcher La Carne Fa Sangue

5. Parma, Piacenza

If you really want to visit the villages of the Piacenza, then you need to visit to Parma, it will take only 30 minutes to reach this place. This is a small village and most of the people are in the business of the Ham exporting, it has the royal theatre which has an old architect, each place to the Parma. gives us the history of the ancient history, this place has the famous, Piazza del Governatore and baptistery.

Parma, Piacenza

6. Museo di Storia Naturale

Museum Di Storia Naturale is the best place in the Piacenza for the nature lovers, you will get the dummy of the mountains of the world, you will come to know the interaction between the ancient human and the development to the present, the tools they had used, in this museum many researches are there on the trees and there fungal infections, you will get the taxidermy of the animals.

Museo di Storia Naturale

7. Basilica di Sant Antonino

Basilica di Sant Antonino is the sacred place of the Piacenza, this is also an amazing building in the gothic style, it was built in 1350, the most amazing thing is the rose window at the top of the main building, many people from all over the world definitely visit this place if they are in the Piacenza.

Basilica di Sant Antonino

8. Palazzo Farnese

Palazzo Farnese is the located at the center of the Piacenza, it was built by the Charles V in 1500. This is a square shape building near to the river Po. This building has many windows in each floor, there are ornaments embedded in the gothic style in each floor, it has a big park in front of it, now many government offices are there in this castle.

Palazzo Farnese

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