7 Marvelous Attractions In Oman

Oman is an Arab country positioned in the southeastern region of the Arabian Peninsula. The country is enriched with natural beauty, fascinating culture, and a long history. It is one of the safest countries to enjoy a family holiday at the best. Some of the popular and not to be missed destinations in Oman are summed up below.

Attractions In Oman:

1. Frankincense Coast

If you travel thousands of kilometers towards the southern part of Muscat, you will be taken by great surprise. The lush pasture lands in the arid region will be a bolt out of the blue.  The coast is called the Frankincense and the climate is so much different from the rest of Oman. The green lands, flowing water, climate and views are all wonderful during khareef season and you cannot see such things anywhere in the Arab world.


2. Bahla Fort

The comprehensive fort with walls and towers made of unbaked bricks is a remarkable example of culture and power of medieval Banu Nebhan tribes. The walls that extend to several kilometers are said to be designed by a woman. There are many towers, wells and mosques inside. The five story room on the fort’s left side is very impressive. This fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is open to public.


3. Wahiba Sands

This sandy desert is the most visited and a must see destination in the Arabian region. The color of the sand, temperature in this vast stretch of sand will help you know about the tough situations in deserts. The rolling sand dunes, sand driving, night camps, golden sunset, wide range of flora and fauna are the highlights of the region.


4. Ras Al-Jinz Turtle Beach

This beach is the main nesting spot of the green turtle, a species in danger of extinction and a wonderful place for turtle watching. Thousands of turtles come to the shore every year to lay eggs. It is a spectacular sight to watch turtles drag out of water with their heavy shells on their back, dig a hole and lay eggs inside them. The best point in time to watch turtles lay eggs is June and August and that to watch hatching is Sep to Nov.


5. Villages Of Jebel Akhdar

The mountain towns of Jebel Akhdar, which means green mountains is a must visit destination in Oman. The cooler climate and the sights from the top are breathtaking. The terrace fields, exotic fruit fields, the rugged rocks are all fascinating and contrast to what you see in the rest of the parts of Oman.


6. Royal Opera House

Built in the year 2011, the Royal Opera House is located in Muscat. The place has been one of the high points in the cultural life of people living in Muscat. The structure has marble exterior and the interiors are magnificently done with wood and Arabesque designs. It is worth stopping by just to be in awe with the beauty of this marvelous building. The Opera Galleria arcade situated nearby is a great place for shopping.


7. Al Ain Zoo

The zoo spans over an area of 900 hectares and has large animals in enclosure, which is very similar to the natural habitats of these animals. The park has green spaces for picnics, a cafeteria, and playground. A train tour is also organized for the tourists, which will provide them a glimpse of the wildlife area. The zoo also houses a variety of unique attractions and facilities like Safari, Desert Learning Centre etc.


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