7 Magnificent Places To Visit In Austria

Nestled among the European Alps, Austria attracts tourists throughout the year. Its natural beauty, scenic mountains, history and traditions will captivate your imagination like no other place. One of the smallest countries in Europe, Austria is dominantly hilly and the Eastern Alps cover almost 60 percent of its total land area. The birthplace of musical genius Mozart, Austria is steeped in culture and history and if you wish to feel the spirit of this country, you must find out a few interesting places in the country.

Here’s Your Guide To 5 Magnificent Places To Visit In Austria

1. Hofburg Palace In Vienna

The seat of royalty, Hofburg Palace in Vienna is one of the greatest landmarks of Austria. The residential property of Austrian rulers from 1275, it now serves as the President’s office. The amazing structure has travelled through many phases of history and you can witness Rennaissance, Gothic, Rococo, Baroque and Classic architectural influences in the palace. As it changed hand from one ruler to the other, several new additions were made and it created a wonderful plethora of varied design elements.

A sprawling palace covering 59 acres of area, it has 2600 rooms and 19 courtyards.

Visitors to the palace are enthralled by the Sisi Museum, the Imperial Silver Collection that provides a glimpse of grand banquets held in the palace and the Imperial Apartments that were once the living quarters of Emperor Franz Joseph and his family.

Hofburg Palace In Vienna

2. Scenic Beauty Of Hallstatt

A very unique place, Hallstatt is known for its scenic beauty and also as a center of salt production. The salt industry transformed this region into a glamorous small town and people visit this place to see how people used to preserve salt in the days gone by. Hornerwerk cavern’s subterranean salt lake is another major attraction in Hallstatt. The spectacular Dachstein Salzkammergut region in Hallstatt has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, where you can explore the Dachstein caves, Europe’s finest cavern network. The Giant Ice Cave with gigantic caverns and awesome frozen waterfalls is a treat to watch. The Mammoth Cave and the 5 Fingers viewing point are other notable places that you must not miss in Hallstatt.

Scenic Beauty Of Hallstatt

3. Salzburg City

For every music lover, Woflgang Amadeus Mozart is a name to reckon with and Salzburg city allows you to witness his birthplace first hand.

His famous residence, No. 9 Getreidegasse, has now been turned into a museum named Mozart’s Birthplace.

His family still reside in these quarters and is filled with various musical instruments used by him, famous memorabilia and portraits. At Salzburg you can also enjoy a number of music festivals dedicated to its favourite son, Mozart. The Salzburg Festival runs for six weeks from June to August and is one of the most renowned events in Austria.

Salzburg City

4. Grossglockner Alpine Road

When you are in Austria you definitely cannot miss the Alpine glory. The tall, snow-capped mountains are a treat to the eye and creates a picturesque atmosphere all around the country. To take in the full glory of this region, head on a journey through the Grossglockner Alpine Road that will take you up to the Kaiser Franz Josefs Hohe Visitor Center, which offers breathtaking and unobstructed views of Austria’s highest mountain, the Grossglockner.

Grossglockner Alpine Road

5. Kitzbuheler Horn

Of the many summits in Austria, the Kitzbuheler Horn holds a very special position.

At 1998 meters, it is a majestic mountain in the Tyrol region that can be reached by cableway.

It not only offers a brilliant view of the other Alpine ranges around it, atop the mountain you will find a magnificent garden, a restaurant and even a chapel. It also has a unique mountaintop home called Gipfelhaus. It is a favourite ski destination and as the season begins mountaineers and ski enthusiasts from all over the world descend on Kitzbuheler Horn.

Kitzbuheler Horn

6. Melk Abbey

A huge 325 meter long complex, Melk Abbey is one of the world’s most famous monastic sites.

The beautiful buildings are spread over seven courtyards and the twin towered church rising above the semicircular terrace glorifies its beauty beyond imagination. Looking down upon the town of Melk from a vantage position on the hills, it overlooks the Danube River. The House of Babenberg, the tomb of Saint Coloman and the Imperial Rooms are some of the attractions at Melk Abbey.

Melk Abbey

7. Krimmler Ache

If you love to explore the mountain trail or hike up the Krimml, an awesome display of natural beauty awaits you.

The Krimmler Ache is the tallest waterfall in Austria and plunges down 380 meters, creating an awesome sight.

Here you can also climb the Schettbrucke and Krimmler Tauernhaus, the famous summits in the region.

Krimmler Ache

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