5 Things That You Should Definitly See In Hallein Austria

The capital of the Hallein district and located in the Austrian state of Salzburg, Hallein, is a historic town. It was once the main source of the state’s wealth because of its Salt Mines. This country town is well connected to Salzburg via road and train. Cycling in the summer months along the Salzach River is another way to come to Hallein from Salzburg.
Hallein is a beautiful place and there are lots of things that one can engage in during their stay in the town.

1. Salt Mine Hallein:

Salt was called as “White Gold” and its deposits provided the region with a treasure chamber. Hallein is the oldest mine in the world and is open for public visit. Everyone above four years of age can be a part of this treasure hunt. One goes through mysterious tunnels into the mystic mountains to search for this treasure.

This is an exciting tour which should not be missed when in Hallein. You dress and board a train to take the journey. It is almost an hour’s visit which gives you information about the mine. You get to see slides and walk through the mines.

Salt Mine Hallein

2. Keltenblitz Sommerrodelbahn:

The Keltenblitz Sommerrodelbahn of the Dürrnberg is the longest Alpine slide in Salzburger Land. It has a total length of 2.2 kms. The Zinkenkogel which is situated on the Dürrnberg offers a view that is magical. You can either choose to take a leisure hike or take a ride on the double chairlift. From the top you ride the Alpine Slide down to the valley. The slide is open from May to October when the weather is good. The chairlift takes 10 minutes to reach the top.

Keltenblitz Sommerrodelbahn

3. Toboggan Slide:

In Hallein do not miss the Toboggan slide down the Alpine mountain. You can ride up in a chairlift and come down using the toboggan track. It is fun and can be done by all. Children can also do it under the supervision of an adult. However it is possible to do the toboggan slide only if the weather is fine. It is a great view when you come down the slide.

Toboggan Slide

4. Kelten Museum:

The Kelten Museum is a wonderful place where you get to see the discoveries from the La Tene period that belongs to the Iron Age. This comes from the burials that surround the Hallein salt mine. It was founded in the year 1882. On your visit here you can get to know the Celtics and learn about the mining salt. You also get to know how it influenced Salzburg.

Kelten Museum

5. Gruber Museum:

Gruber museum is the home of Franz Xaver Gruber who was the composer of the famous Christmas carol, Silent Night. The museum is situated across the parish church. You get to learn about the creation of this well-known song here. You also get to see the guitar that was used by Joseph Mohr when the song was performed for the first time in the year 1814. Franz Xaver Gruber’s grave is in front of his house and every year on the 24th of December at 5 pm there is a special event performed called “Singing at the side of Gruber’s grave”.

Gruber Museum

Hallein is a place that captivates you with its beauty, charm and rich history. The place has a lot of economic importance and is also a well-known travel destination. The town centre can be visited to see the Baroque architecture and the oldest brewery in Salzburg called the brewery of Kaltenhausen is also located here.

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