7 Gloriously Remote Places For A Secluded Escape

Gloriously Remote Places For A Secluded Escape

In between hordes of tourists who are super excited to venture out for vacations, in between globetrotters who are documenting each and every moment of journey by clicking picture and selfies with their family, there lies an underbelly of adventurers and globetrotters, who for the lack of words, are sick of going to the places they perhaps already know everything about thanks to the internet and tour brochures. For they are in the quest of exploring the unknown and the farthest corners of the earth that one may say are remote and secluded. What’s the fun? The layman in you asks. Well, the fun is fending for self on the trip devoid of any assistance and successfully making your way out of the hustle and bustle of an overcrowded vacation destination.

Discover More Of The Less Discovered As We Bring You The 7 Gloriously Remote Places For A Secluded Escape

1. The Tarkine, Tasmania, Australia

Away from the amicable cities like Sydney and Adelaide, the cruelly wild basin The Tarkine challenges you with its extreme remote location. The extremely undisturbed temperate forest has shown itself up on maps only recently. The desolated forest land is the best place to spot rare flora and fauna.

The Tarkine, Tasmania, Australia

2. Battle Harbor, Labrador, Canada

With a hint of modernity in the surrounding, Labrador fits the bill of a secluded escape destination that won’t give you jitters. There are clapboard houses to stay at, scenic view of the nature without traffic snarls and the opportunity to spot whales on a boat ride provided you are willing to!

Battle Harbor, Labrador, Canada

3. Andes, Peru

This is literally the heights of remote place that is all but desolated. The Choquequiaro boulder’s elevation can be triumphed only by hiking and the height of the structures lets you see the cloud forests of Cordillera Vilcamba Mountains. And just in case you forgot, the secluded location is a far cry from the urban life.

Andes, Peru

4. Pego Ferreiro, Portalegre, Portugal

For the globetrotter looking for extravagance and easy life in seclusion, Pego ferreiro is a sweet treat of dismay. Into the mountains in East Portugal, the bird’s eye view only evokes awe. Luxury is all but lavish at the River Lodge, the most sought after accommodation, and perhaps the only one too.

Pego Ferreiro, Portalegre, Portugal

5. Laya, Bhutan

It’s a visual treat as you get to see a civilization embedded within a civlization in Laya, Bhutan. On your perilous journey to the mountains, there are breathtaking views of nature in all directions. The challenging journey will be the one you would reminisce for a long time since the total seclusion lets you enjoy the country’s highest village and snow laden roads rather perilously.

Laya, Bhutan

6. Amazon Rainforest, Ecuador

Realize your school days memory if you truly are a daredevil camper. The disturbingly quiet and most definitely desolated Amazon forest can be reached via canoe ride. All that you get to listen in sounds of animals and birds. All you can see is the indigenous tribe of Shuars, devoid of modern world.

Amazon Rainforest, Ecuador

7. Antartica

The common refrain that follows “I am sick of this world” is “I feel like going to Antartica”. Sure you can if you like the extremes of secluded escape. Sunlight for just six months, icebergs, penguin fidgeting on them and albatrosses flocking their wings to fly high; now if that is not the best remote place for a secluded escape, what is?


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