9 Spectacular Tourist Destinations In Sardinia That You Must Visit

Sardinia is an enchanting island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is the second biggest island in the Mediterranean region and widely popular as the paradise in the centre of Mediterranean. You can find here beautiful white sandy beaches, clear, spectacular waters, and rugged landscapes having several nuraghi, which are mysterious structures of stones dating back to the Bronze-age. Cagliari is well-known as the capital this exquisite Italian island. And, if you are planning to visit this spectacular paradise to spend relaxing vacations, you need to know some prominent destinations in Sardinia to explore. Let’s have a look at them.

Find Below Nine Popular Tourist Attractions In Sardinia That You Must Not Miss When Visiting This Mediterranean Island:

1. Neptune Caves

Make sure you visit Neptune caves that are present in the town of Alghero on this enchanting Sardinia Island. It is a fabulous stalactite cave, which was discovered in the 18th century by the local fishermen. It is believed that these spectacular Neptune Caves are dedicated to the sea God Neptune. You can reach these incredible caves via a ferry boat. Access the staircase of 600 steps here to watch eye-catching views over the ocean and coast.


2. Chia Beach

Chia beach is one of the most spellbinding beaches in Sardinia. This enchanting beach gains popularity for being one of the best beaches for enjoy kitesurfing. Make sure you participate in the Chia Classic, a kitesurfing, surfing, and windsurfing event, taking place at this beach between April and June every year. The lagoon behind the Chia beach is famous for being a prominent flamingo breeding ground. You might even get a chance to spot lovely dolphins. In the vicinity of Chia beach, you will find an archaeological area well-known as Nora.


3. Carloforte

Carloforte is a wonderful fishing town that you can find on the mesmerising Island of S.Pietro, which is just about seven kilometers off the Sardinia’s southwest coast. Here you can spend pleasant, relaxing time on small beautiful beaches. Explore fabulous narrow streets of Carloforte. Discover unique dialect which is a peculiar version of the Ligurian language.


4. Murals Of Orgosolo

Orgosolo village in Sardinia is widely popular for its spectacular Murales that are about 150 in number. You get an insight of the amazing countryside view and rich global history through these fabulous mural paintings.


5. Mamoiada Museum

Don’t miss visiting the magnificent Mamoiada Museum in the Nuoro province in Sardinia. This museum is well-known for its traditional carnival masks. The initial phase of the museum introduces you to the Carnival of Mamoiada and acquaints you with the story and various interpretations about the meaning and origin of the Mamuthones. In the second room, you can find amazing masks pertaining to the central Sardinia. And, in the third room, you can find several Mamoiada and historic facemasks.


6. Maddalena Archipelago

Don’t miss visiting the Maddalena Archipelago that comprises about seven main islands and several small islets in Sardinia. This incredible archipelago lies in the Straits of Bonifacio, and it is well-known for being a part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 1994. Watch clean and clear water and explore some wonderful small beaches and fascinating coves by hiring a boat. Cala Corsara is widely popular as one of the best beaches in this archipelago, and you can find it in the isle of Spargi. Fine white sandy beach and enchanting blue seawater is the peculiarity of this beach. Spiaggia Rosa, which is the pink beach, is another marvelous beach situated in the isle of Budelli in this eye-catching archipelago. The specialty of this beach is the unique pink color of the sand that occurs due to the breakage of small marine creatures’ shells.


7. Alghero E Bosa

Visit two fascinating, pleasant cities well-known as Alghero and Bosa in the northwest area of the Sardinia Island. You can find the traces of Catalan past in the city of Alghero. The historical center in the city features the evidence of the Catalan past. Bosa is popular as a small town. You can explore the rich heritage of amazing traditions and spend a pleasant time in this charming city in Sardinia.


8. Nuraghe Of Barumini

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Sardinia is the Nuraghe of Barumini, an incredible nuragic archaeological site in Sardinia. It earns the fame of being recognized as the World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. It is also well-known as ‘Su Nuraxi’. You can find here numerous stone building resembling beehive shape whose use is still mysterious and unknown. These nuraghes are well-preserved and you can discover greater than 7,000 nuraghes here.


10. Su Gorroppu Gorge

Last, but not the least, Su Gorroppu gorge is one of the deepest gorges in the entire Europe. It stretches about 14 km long, and it’s greater than 450 meters high. You can find it in the Ogliastra area in the southeast of this beautiful island. Explore this incredible gorge, watch breathtaking views of the landscape, and find the wildest nature on Sardinia here. It is believed that there exists a magic piece of land in the Ogliastra, whoever walks on it may have a long life. However, the exact location of this land is not known to anyone.


Now that you know these nine fascinating tourist attractions in Sardinia, make sure you visit each one of them when spending your vacations on this lovely Mediterranean island.

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