7 Exciting Things To Do In Brazil

Brazil, the name reminds you of football, samba, Amazon, white sand beaches, wildlife and a lot of fun. However, in reality, there are a lot of things you can do and see in Brazil. A list of sites you should never miss when you visit Brazil is given here.

Things To Do In Brazil:

1. Amazon Theater

Located in the colonial city, Manaus is the opera house in which the annual Amazonas Opera Festival is held. The theater was built during the most prosperous periods, that is when rubber trade was during its peak and Manaus became a boomtown. The Renaissance style structure has been built with materials from Italy, Paris and England. The dome on the exterior of the opera house adorned with tiles to symbolize the Brazilian flag is very unique.

Amazon Theater

2. Pantanal

The open marshes of Pantanal are the best place to see wildlife and enjoy nature. Pantanal, the largest wetland in the world is a popular attraction in Brazil, especially for wildlife lovers. It is open and does not have any deep foliage like the Amazon, so seeing animals and birds is a surefire.  You can see capybara, jaguar caiman, etc here.


3. Anavilhanas Archipelago

A boat trip 70 km northwest to Manaus will take you to the archipelago of Anavilhanas. It is sited on the river Rio Negro. The river widens to about 30 km wide during rainy season and water raises. The water is the house of thousands of animals. About 400 islands are found in Anavilhanas archipelago and you can see a variety of amazing aquatic life and birds in the islands.

Anavilhanas Archipelago

4. Iguacu Falls

Positioned between Argentina and Brazil is the semicircular natural wonder, Iguacu Falls. It is said that there are about 275 falls along the river and among those the Devil’s Throat, a waterfall that falls from a height of 82 meters is the most striking one. The spraying waters offer the most spectacular views and experience. The rainforest surrounding the falls is home to a lot of wildlife and you can see howler monkeys, jaguars, etc in the forests.

Iguacu Falls

6. Christ The Redeemer

The popular statue of Christ stands tall atop Corcovado Mountain having a view of the city, Rio from above. The 38 meters tall statue stands as a symbol of the city. The statue with arms extended wide in a welcoming manner is considered one of the wonders in the world. There is also a small chapel at the foot of the statue. The view of the city from the peak is amazing.

Christ The Redeemer

7. Jungle Cruise

A wide range of sail options from pocket friendly to luxury are available in the Brazilian Amazon. Small standard boats take you through the constricted tributaries of the rivers and help to travel into the deep forests. You can see river dolphins, piranha, catfish and a lot more aquatic species during the travel. You can also spot wild animals and birds as you travel into the forest. According to your budget you can include a jungle walk, giant water lily boat rides, visit to the original Brazilian village, etc into your package chosen.

Jungle Cruise

8. Salvador Beaches

Salvador is a striking colonial town and the capital of Bahia. This attractive colonial town is blessed with some of the exceptional beaches. The beaches are just perfect for sailing, diving and swimming. The open sea inlets, where you can find strong waves are quite popular among surfers. There are beaches, which are surrounded by reefs giving rise to natural pools. This is ideal for children.

Salvador Beaches

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