10 Best Travel Destinations In Estonia

Estonia, the country of Northern Europe located in the Baltic region is one world’s fastest economies. But even faster is its growth as one of the top travel destinations in North Europe. For a nation that is surrounded by such countries like Finland, Sweden, Latvia and Russian Federation, geographical position is also another reason for increase in tourist footfall over the years. Estonia also enjoys constant temperature and with limestone cliffs in the northern coast snow cover in the south eastern part, the months of winter are pretty colder than some of the countries in the belt.

When it comes to sheer cultural influences that the country has, Estonia have quite a few of them in the bag. Some of the cultures to have their hue are Germanic, Finnish, Baltic and Russian. Curious as you must have become by now, find out more about the culture and places to be in Estonia in this list which features the 10 best travel destinations in Estonia.

1. Tallinn Old Town

You cannot help but fall for the old town of Tallinn and if you are really into knowing about cultural influences that Estonia has had, this town is your point of genesis. Some of the finest structures dating back to the middles ages belonging to Russian, Swedish and Finnish architecture can be found along with delightfully friendly locals all over the town. There are two best way to travel around Tallinn Old Town; first will be simply walking around the city, second is by making full use of the free travel guide service available in the information center that show you the town’s landmarks.

Tallinn Old Town

2. Parnu Beach Promenade

You may find a peaceful walk in Parnu Beach Promenade a romantic walk for your soul. You get spectacular view of the Parnu Jetty, wildlife and to top it all the sunset makes the whole journey majestic. The beach is not any inferior a place at night as well with pines adding to the mood and fervor.

Parnu Beach Promenade

3. Narva Castle

The best place to see the Soviet Union from the shortest possible distance. This castle’s official name is Hermann Castle. As a really cool and significant addition, there is a museum inside the tower. You get to see many historical artifacts in exhibition, some of which are over hundred years old. Reenactments Swedish-Russian war over Narva’s soil will excite you like anything. But the true worthy encounter is with the Russian castle that can be clearly seen across the river.

Narva Castle

4. Haapsalu

The resort town is touted as the “Venice of the North” and becomes the most happening destination in Estonia in the summer season. To begin with, the most insanely happening programs August Blues Festival and August Jam kicks in as the greatest musical events in Estonia. And there is always something to discover a medieval town that was first recognized some 730 years ago.


5. Kihnu

The island town of Kihnu is perhaps the only place to find Estonian culture in its purest forms. It may be argued that it is a matriarchal society wherein you can find women wearing traditional clothes, a rare sight in the entire country. This island town has also got the distinction of UNESCO as a masterpiece of oral and intangible heritage of humanity.


6. Kumu Art Museum (Tallinn)

You certainly cannot give a miss to Kumu Art Museum if touring the capital city of Tallinn. Neither will you want to miss the opportunity of attending the lovely art exhibition in the gallery; there are portraits that are anything but exotic, Soviet period Art and some temporary as well as permanent exhibitions. The large park and cafes make the place an ideal place to hang out with children on Sundays.

Kumu Art Museum (Tallinn)

7. Viljandi

In terms of rich medieval history, Viljandi too has its shares of castles and churches to boast of. But what truly captivates you is the serene beauty of this city that has roughly 20,000 people’s population. Viljandi Folk Music Festival will make your tour if you visit in July.


8. Tartu

This is a great city for students on vacation as they get to see the ruins of the Dome Cathedral & University Museum. The small town has plenty of pubs and restaurants and lots photo opportunities!


9. Rakvere Castle

Have the most unusual fun while you visit the Rakvere Castle and live the dream of fighting with medieval swords. Special attraction is a torture museum, shooting range etc.

Rakvere Castle

10. Kadriorg Palace

Experience some of the great art and architecture in the former imperial residence of Empress Catherine that has opulent staterooms, chandeliers and printed ceilings. The relatively small palace is big in opulence and grandeur.

Kadriorg Palace

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