6 Must Visit Magnificent Beaches In Barbados

The eastern Carribean island of Barbados is a veritable paradise for beach junkies and adventure seekers. This island nation boasts of over 100 stunning beaches. The beaches on the north and east coast of the island are ideal for swimming, scuba diving and kayaking. Fierce waves thrash the west and south coast of Barbados. So, the beaches which are situated on these parts of the island allow one to enjoy adrenaline inducing water sports like kite surfing, surfing, para sailing and jet skiing. Read on, to discover some of the truly dramatic beaches in Barbados.

Here Are 6 Must Visit Magnificent Beaches In Barbados:

1. Crane Beach

The picturesque Crane Beach is located in the south east coast of the island. The soft, pink sands of this beach contrast beautifully with the limpid blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and the vivid emerald green hues of the palm trees which dot the beach. Crane Beach is book-ended by jagged, vertiginous limestone cliffs. The massive white crested rollers which smash onto this beach makes it an ideal spot to enjoy adrenaline inducing water sports like kite surfing, wind surfing and boogie boarding. Visitors can head to the protected coves along the beach to enjoy a spot of swimming. Families and couples can stay at the gorgeous Crane Hotel – a resort style hotel which is situated close to this beach.

Crane Beach

2. Bathsheba Beach

Bathsheba Beach, said to resemble the legendary Bathsheba’s bath; is one of the top surfing beaches on the island. Barbadians head to Bathsheba beach to let their hair down and have a good time. This stunning beach is situated in the craggy eastern township of St. Joseph. The beach is bordered by verdant hills. Massive boulders are scattered around this beach like somnolent giants. Surfers enjoy taming the ferocious waves which smash onto the beach. Bathsheba beach has numerous lifeguards. Additionally, there are many quaint hotels and restaurants around this beach.

Bathsheba Beach

3. Ju Ju’s Beach

Ju Ju’s Beach was one of the best kept secrets in Barbados – but not anymore. Ju Ju’s beach has earned its name from the eponymous restaurant which has captivated locals and ex-pats alike for its simple yet honest food. This beautiful beach is located on the the west coast of the island. This beach offers numerous water sports which include swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking and jet skiing. The sun-drenched Ju Ju’s beach which is dotted with colorful beach umbrellas is crowded during the evenings and on weekends. Visitors can head to the numerous small restaurants around the beach to grab a quick and tasty bite.

Ju Ju’s Beach

4. Accra Beach

Accra Beach or Rockley Beach is located in the south coast of the island. Tourists and locals alike head to this mesmerizing beach to enjoy an array of adrenaline inducing water sports which include swimming, boogie boarding, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, paddle boarding, surfing and kite surfing. The crunchy white sand of this beach is ideal for sunbathing. There are numerous restaurants and small shacks which sell beautiful trinkets, close to the beach.

Accra Beach

5. Ginger Beach

Located on the south east coast of the island, the scenic Ginger beach is famed for its tranquil waters and cool breezes. Ginger beach is a wide open expanse of solitude. This decidedly laid back beach beckons one to enjoy the quieter delights of beach life which include sunbathing, picnicking or even a quiet walk on the beach. The powder white sands of the beach are interspersed with craggy cliffs and secret caves. Swimming and boogie boarding are popular activities on this beach. A brightly colored food truck which is parked close to the beach serves an array of lip smacking local fare.

Ginger Beach

6. Folkstone Beach

Families travelling with young children should definitely visit Folkstone beach. Located on the west coast of the island, this beach has something to offer for every member of the family – from the youngest to the oldest. The turquoise blue waters of this beach shot through with veins of golden sunlight beckon one to enjoy a quick swim. An artificial reef which has been created just off the coast of this beach by sinking an old ship attracts numerous colorful fish. This spot is ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving. Stand up paddle boarding and kayaking are other popular water sports in Folkstone beach.

Folkstone Beach

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