6 Amazing Things To Do In St. Thomas

St. Thomas is an unspoiled, small Caribbean island and hence all its major attractions are only a walk away distance from the cruise ports. If you cruise frequently to the Caribbean then there are chances that you will end up in the fascinating island of St. Thomas. The isle offers something exciting to everyone. Also, the infrastructure can accommodate huge population influx that visits the island daily. The top attractions you should consider while planning a short trip doing cruise port-of-call is given below. Take a look.

Things To Do In St. Thomas:

1. Magic Ice Gallery

The ice gallery where you can see varied sculptures created using ice and snow is a fantastic winter wonderland near by the port. The ice sculptures are created by 16 artists, who have taken part in many art competitions around the world and are illuminated dramatically with lights that change color. The permanent ice gallery is set up in an area of 10000 sq feet and the walls are made of transparent ice. The combination of ice, music and lights and history creates unique magical experience. This is a must visit place for people of all age groups.

Magic Ice Gallery

2. Coral Ocean World Park

The coral park is an amazing place for families and has been voted the best tourist attraction by a popular magazine in the US. The wide range of activities and interactive programs give visitors an out of the world experience. The exotic aquariums, outdoor pools, undersea observatory to visualize the coral reefs, feeding stingrays, handling starfish and other creatures, encounter with sharks, sea lions and many other marine life, Sea trek are a few interesting and thrilling attractions in the ocean park.

Coral Ocean World Park

3. Butterfly Garden

This is for sure one of the best places to visit, especially when you have little ones. Located on the cruise ship dock, the butterfly garden is the home of hundreds of different butterflies. You can see various colors of butterflies’ form every continent in the garden as you walk through the pathway. A guided tour explains the metamorphosis of butterfly from caterpillar to the color winged beauty.

Butterfly Garden

4. Magens Bay

The popular beach with fine white sand and clam waters with no current is a great place for swimming and floating. The beach is a popular cruise port of call. No other beach is as popular and as beautiful as this one; hence it is no short of visitors. The scenic hillsides, blue waters, long shallow shore, wide variety of water sports, sunbathing, beach food what else would one want on a beach.

Magens Bay

5. Skytsborg Tower

The tower is popularly known as the Blackbeard Castle by the local people and is one of the most visited sites at St. Thomas. Though the pirate never visited St. Thomas, the tower has been named after the pirate hero. The tower was used as military outlook during colonial times and you can visit the castle as a part of a tour covering historical structures in the Blackbeard hill. The location of the castle is fantastic and you can see several houses dating back to 1600s during the tour.

Skytsborg Tower

 6. Coki Beach

The beach is located at the Coral World’s entrance on a protected bay. The seashore is simply amazing for water sports. The snorkeling is something that you should not miss here, as it offers plenty of fish action. Coki Dive Club provides thrilling diving opportunities.

Coki Beach

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