6 Must Visit Beautiful Beaches In Dominica

Dominica or the Commonwealth of Dominica is a sublime Caribbean island. This country is a verdant oasis punctuated by cloud forests, milky waterfalls, dense coastal woodlands and ash belching volcanoes. This country has some of the best beaches in the Caribbean. Champagne Beach, Batalie Beach and Purple Turtle Beach are some of the finest beaches of this country. To know more about these and other beaches on this island paradise, read on.

Here Are 6 Must Visit Beautiful Beaches In Dominica:

1. The Ethereal, Champagne Beach:

Champagne Beach is so called because of the millions of tiny, iridescent gas bubbles which rise continuously to the surface of the ocean from the volcanic sea floor. This beautiful pebbly beach is located near Scotts Head Village, on the south coast of the country. The exotic marine life which exist in the warm waters of this beach, makes it the ideal site for snorkeling. Swimming and diving are other popular water sports on Champagne Beach. There are no major hotels close to this beach. However, visitors can grab a quick bite from the numerous small food shacks, that are found near the beach.

The Ethereal, Champagne Beach

2. The Scenic, Anse Soldat:

Anse Soldat beach is located on the north coast of this island nation. This beach is a colorful jumble of tourists, locals and fishermen. The beauty of this beach is further enhanced by the hundreds of whispering palm trees, which sway gently to the song of the salty sea breeze. The waters of Anse Soldat are ideal for swimming. A major drawback of this beach is the lack of public amenities.

The Scenic, Anse Soldat

3. The Heavenly, Batalie Beach:

Batalie beach is located on the west coast of the country. This horse shoe shaped beach is filled with crumbly grey sand and bordered by majestic palm trees. Colorful fishermen’s boats lie strewn across this beach. This beach is known for its heady seclusion as it lies off the tourist grid. Swimming and sunbathing are popular pastimes on Batalie beach. Visitors to this beach are advised to carry food and water as there are no restaurants close by.

The Heavenly, Batalie Beach

4. The Sublime, Purple Turtle Beach:

Purple Turtle Beach is one of the more popular and crowded beaches of this country. This spectacular beach is located on the northern coast. Purple Turtle Beach is relatively small compared to other beaches here. The light brown sand of this beach is edged by turquoise blue waters of the sea. Visitors can rent sun lounger and beach umbrellas for a relaxing day on the beach. Swimming, diving, jet skiing and kayaking are popular water sports on Purple Turtle Beach. There are numerous small and big eateries located close to this beach. Purple Turtle beach has good public amenities.

The Sublime, Purple Turtle Beach

5. The Fun, Mero Beach:

Mero Beach is a popular family beach. This stunning, black sandy beach is located on the west coast of the island. Mero beach is famous for its calm waters, which is ideal for swimming and snorkeling. There are no big hotels close to this beach. However, visitors can stay at the smaller boutique hotels which dot the periphery of this beach.

The Fun, Mero Beach

6. The Secluded, Hampstead Beach:

This beach’s claim to fame is that it was featured extensively in the top grossing Hollywood movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. This black sandy beach, which remains mostly secluded is located the north coast of the island. The semi circular Hampstead Beach is bordered by lofty palm trees. This beach is ideal for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Swimming is not a viable option on Hampstead Beach because the waters here are pretty rough. Visitors can get soft drinks and sandwiches from the mobile food stalls, which are located close to this beach.

The Secluded, Hampstead Beach

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